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How Vacuum Cleaners Work

by:IMASS     2019-11-15
A recent vacuum.
The change is cleaner.
Called a whirlwind vacuum.
\"This machine, developed by James Dyson in the 1980 s, did not have a traditional bag or filtration system.
Instead, it emits air that flows through one or more cylinders as well as high
Speed spiral path.
This action works like a clothes dryer, a roller coaster or a carouselgo-round.
When the air flow rotates in a spiral form, all dirt particles experience a strong centrifugal force: they are drawn out of the air flow.
In this way, dirt can be extracted from the air without using any filter.
It is just collected at the bottom of the cylinder.
Cyclone system is a significant improvement to traditional vacuum cleaner-
No bags can be replaced and the suction will not decrease when you suck more dirt.
Until recently, no matter how powerful the vacuum is, or someone is pushing it there.
Enter the robot vacuum.
Thanks to the combination of motors, sensors, and navigation systems, these gadgets themselves can be cleaned.
To explore one in more detail, check out how the robot vacuum cleaner works.
In the future, we will definitely see more improvements in the basic vacuum.
Clean design with new suction mechanism and collection system.
But the basic idea of using a mobile airflow to collect dirt and debris is likely to stay here for a while.
For more information on vacuum cleaners and related topics, please see the link below.
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