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How to upkeep robot cleaner


As time goes by, life quality has been improved more and more, robot cleaner becomes a daily necessity for family due to its high efficiency and energy saving. Today, As Imass robot cleaner manufacturer, Kaihao is going to walk you through how to upkeep robot cleaner.

1. Battery maintenance, let battery of robotic cleaner fully discharge charge, to improve performance of robot cleaner battery.

Do not forget to open socket , so that  robot cleaner cannot be automatically recharged. It is not good for the machine to stop working if robotic sweeper is not used for a long time. It is recommended to remove robot cleaner battery and store it in a cool and dry place.

2. We should check integrity and wear degree of each rolling brush seal of robotic sweeper, and replace more severely worn seal and rolling brush of robot cleaner. At the same time, we also need to check the tensioning degree of the connection part and use the corresponding tools for tensioning.

3. Open the outer cover of robot cleaning sweeper to remove dust inside. We can use tools such as hair dryer and industrial vacuum cleaner to operate.

4. Focus on the maintenance and cleaning of dust collecting box and filter of robot sweeper, and focus on cleaning the parts with serious pollution. And the filter should be replaced according to the extent of damage adjustment.

5. Regularly clean edge brush and roller brush of robot cleaner, which will often be entangled in the brush group by long hair. If hair is not cleaned manually for a long time, the load of battery will be increased, which will directly affect the service life of robot battery.

It is recommended to remove brush group (side brush and roller brush) but manually every week.

6. Use special lubricating oil to lubricate the bearings and brake systems of robot sweeper. At the same time, for oil-fired robot sweeper, the oil in the engine shall be replaced to ensure the lubrication of each bearing point without rust.

7. Check the wear condition of all lines of robot sweeper, and replace and repair according to the severity of wear to ensure that there is no short circuit.

8. For electric sweeper, we should focus on the overhaul and maintenance of its controller and motor, and seek professional technicians for maintenance of abnormal operation and excessive noise.

9. Clean filter screen regularly. The filter screen is a device for filtering garbage.

It is recommended to take out the dust box every week, spend a little time to clean the filter screen, and then wipe the filter screen with a rag, put it in a dry place to air dry and dry naturally, otherwise filter screen of robotic cleaner is easy to be corroded.

10. Battery functions as the main power source sweeper, we must do its maintenance work, first check it in the use of a year after the loss of power and discharge is normal, for the occurrence of loss of power and discharge more serious battery we should timely repair.

And according to battery's acid position for the corresponding increase.

11. Check operation status of seat safety contact switch, battery acid position, tightness, wear and operation status of drive belt.

(V belt, round belt), check wear condition of each side brush for appropriate adjustment and replacement.


Notes for the use of the floor robot:

1. Do not place sweeping robot in a humid environment, otherwise motor will be easily affected by moisture and short-circuit, burning out motor.

At the same time, some floor robot must not be used to absorb water. Place in a dry carton when not in use.

2. Be careful not to inhale such easy objects as matches and cigarette butts into sweeping robot.

3. Do not use sweeping robot continuously for a long time. If you feel its body is overheating, stop using it for a period of time to prevent motor from burning out due to overheating.

4. The bottom of sweeping robot is the worst-hit area where dust accumulates. If too much dust accumulates there, it will not only block infrared sensor, but also possibly enter robot machine and cause short circuit of the main board, which will burn the machine down.

5. When floor robot is not needed, please turn off switch and cut off power properly after robot is fully charged, and use it after it is fully charged.

6. The charging seat is not allowed to be put together with other electrical appliances (such as TV, router, etc.) in case remote control is not sensitive due to the interference of electrical signals.

7. Sweeping robot is equipped with side brush, brush, in the process of normal use, it is easy to fine content, such as hair could easily lead to motor fever, consuming more power, resulting in a shortened battery life, and even electricity opportunities were stuck in a rotation for burning, so, we need to clean up in time in the process of daily use winding on the side brush, brush hair.

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