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how to make a powerful vacuum cleaner

by:IMASS     2019-11-25
Today, the vacuum cleaner is the most useful and a very common household cleaning tool that uses a dust suction mechanism to clean the dirt.
In this instruction, we will learn how to make powerful vacuum cleaners at home using powerful high speed 12 v DC motors, plastic bottles and propellers.
This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a separate dust container, and since it is equipped with a plastic vacuum cleaner, it can also be modified as a dry and wet cleaner.
Visually detailed instructions are the best way to understand the \"how\" project.
This video will clearly show how to easily make a powerful vacuum cleaner at home.
But also make sure to access step 2 for more details and images. Amazon.
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InFrom Home & Local store: 2 plastic bottles (
1x Large bottle and 1x small bottle)
Thin metal plate, plastic spiral pipe. 1.
Take a small plastic bottle and make a hole in the bottle cap so it looks like a ring. 2.
Use a hot needle or soldering iron tip to make a few holes in the bottleneck. 3.
Close the bottle tightly. 4.
Take a large bottle and cut it into two pieces from the neck with a knife. 5.
Using the Araldite adhesive, paste the smaller bottle into the neck of the large plastic bottle, so that the small bottle can be easily removed by unscrewing the cap. 6.
In addition, a spiral pipe is attached at the entrance of the large bottle.
This pipe will be used as a channel for vacuuming.
Our Homemade power vacuum cleaner is ready.
Connect the 12 v adapter to the DC Jack and turn on the switch to test the device.
The vacuum cleaner works very well.
Friends, here is the summary of the structure.
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