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For a greater dream of being the lead in robotic vacuum cleaner industry, IMASS has been devoted into supplying the best service. Inquire! Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. Has Years of Experience in the Manufacturing Consumer Electronic Industry Compared with products in the same category, robotic vacuum cleaner's core competencies are mainly reflected in the following aspects. According to different needs of customers, Kaihao is capable of providing reasonable, comprehensive and optimal solutions for customers.

Is it normal for Moss to appear in the filter bucket of the water dispenser, and it is less than ten days? Can't drink!!When the weather is warm, the speed of bacterial growth is amazing,Especially the non-sealed water dispenser,The total number of colonies is absolutely excessive,Become a health killer at home,The black-green suspended solids you see,In the industrial circulating water system, it is called Clay,Special mud stripping agent needs to be added to effectively remove it.If the water dispenser does not have ultraviolet disinfection,It is recommended not to use it.Adding tap water or well water is easy to grow moss,If you buy bottled water directly,No, no.Avoid direct sunlight,Generally, there is no problem.Every time you add water for 2 to 3 days, you will be OK.

What is used in aspen in the raw oil filter? 1.1. heavy screen----2. titanium oxide antivirus----3. negative oxygen addition----4. PTC ceramic heating----5.Ultraviolet sterilization---- pump oil absorption road is usually installed with a surface type oil filter. the filter capacity of the external oil filter of the hydraulic pump is twice the pump flow and the pressure is lost to 0.Installation of the oil filter mesh can invade the valve and other components with filtering accuracy should be 10 ~ 15 μm and can withstand the impact pressure of the oil circuit. The pressure drop should be 0.The rated flow rate pressure loss is calculated by the water filter.52 ~ 1.CJ/T 3068-GB/T 13554-GB/T 14295-GB/T 14382-GB/T 17486-HG/T 21637-HG/T 4085-QB/T 1166-JB/T 7538-SY/T 0523-YY-T 0142-JB-T 7374-HG-T 20570.22-JB-T 6417-JB-T 9044-YY0286.1-1. the filter core filter element of the filter c
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