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how does a carpet cleaning machine work

by:IMASS     2019-11-22
Carpet cleaners are one of the most common machines used by businesses today.
These machines are also known as carpet extractor and carpet shampoo.
They are designed for deep cleaning of almost all types of carpet and interior decoration.
How do these machines work?
The surface must be prepared before using carpet cleaner.
To provide a more efficient cleaning, a cleaning solution must be applied on the surface, preferably a green chemical.
The cleaning solution should be allowed to stay for a few minutes, start to dissolve the stain and release the combination between the dirt molecule and the carpet fiber.
Once the carpet is ready, the operator begins to use the carpet cleaning system to inject water into the carpet and more solutions if needed ).
The carpet cleaning equipment, the wand, must then be used to stir the surface.
Stirring will result in the formation of the surface crystalline dirt residue, which will be removed with the help of the vacuum extractor.
While the traditional system takes 24 hours for the carpet to dry after shampoo, today\'s latest low
The traffic model only needs 1-
The carpet is completely dry for 6 hours.
In addition to enabling business owners to return to work as soon as possible, these are low
The flow unit reduces the risk of mold growth or odor formation associated with prolonged moisture.
To ensure that the carpet cleaning system delivers powerful results over and over again, it is important to purchase a machine consisting of the highest quality components.
The following are the main components of the carpet extractor and purchasing tips related to each component.
The pump produces the output pressure of the machine.
Although higher pressure will increase cleaning capacity, high pressure is not required for carpet shampoo.
The output pressure required for normal cleaning applications ranges from 60 psi to 150 psi.
The output pressure of industrial carpet cleaners is up to 500 psi.
The heating unit produces the output temperature.
For the latest model carpet cleaning equipment, the output temperature is up to 210 degrees F. Non-
Heating machines are also provided.
These systems lack heating elements, often cheaper than heating models, and can accept inlet temperatures up to 210 degrees F.
There are different types of heating elements to choose from when selecting a heating machine.
For example, a single tank heating element reaches a full operating temperature within 15 minutes, and the maximum temperature is less than two at only 3-5 minutes.
For many buyers, the time required to reach the highest temperature is important.
A faster heating time means that the work is done faster.
The TanksCarpet washer contains two types of water tanks-
Solution Tank and recovery tank.
The solution tank is used to store water, and the recovery tank is used to keep the recycled dirt residue.
The size of the solution tank is different from 4.
5 to 17 gallons
The size of the recycling tank is similar, and the size of the minimum tank is 4.
Maximum tank size of 5 gallons and 15 gallons.
Potential buyers should pay attention to the size of the tank.
Machines with larger tanks are ideal for long periods of cleaning larger areas.
Otherwise, small and medium-
The size of the tank is enough.
To further increase productivity, the industrial version of the carpet cleaning machine has the function of automatic filling and automatic dumping, enabling the operator to work continuously.
The vacuum cleaner extracts dirt residue from the surface.
The efficiency of the vacuum depends on its motor.
Some machines use vacuum cleaners with multiple motors.
You can choose the vacuum according to your cleaning requirements.
It is best to choose a machine with multiple vacuumstage motors.
Two important specifications of the motor in vacuum are airflow and water lift.
Both specifications refer to the extraction efficiency of vacuum.
Air flow is expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM).
Depending on the model, the air flow varies from 100 CFM to 200 CFM.
Similarly, the water lift in inches ranges from 100 inch to 250 inch.
The higher the value, the higher the extraction capacity of the machine.
Keep in mind that when purchasing carpet cleaning equipment to deeply clean the carpet and make your business look like a new one, choose the top model from a trusted supplier.
Only in this way can you ensure the highest quality of the system you purchase and take advantage of enhanced cleaning technology.
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