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Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs. Kaihao's robotic vacuum cleaner can be used in many industries. For product information, please feel free to contact Kaihao. robotic vacuum cleaner produced by Kaihao is very popular in the market.

Is the fiberglass filter for ffu fan filters harmful? High-efficiency filters are basically made of fiberglass filter elements,The filter of this material has good filtering effect,However, any chemical fiber material will have a certain impact,However, the premise is that damage is caused after the service life or improper use protection,,Therefore, is there any harm within normal conditions,Shenzhen Zhongjian Southern Environmental Co., Ltd. has made air filters for more than ten years,Remind everyone with experience: pay attention to the damaged filter element when using it,The damaged filter element will not only leak the air, but also affect the filtration efficiency,And it is easy to produce small fibers in damaged places.If the damage is not very large,You can make up with adhesive,If you can't make up,Recommended replacement filter.No harm,Can use at ease,

How to take out the filter plate of the paint exhaust gas treatment activated carbon filter? Install activated carbon filter at the entrance of the exhaust fan, and the supplier who does waste gas treatment sells it. if it is a non-standard, you can buy some activated carbon filter cotton bag at the entrance of the exhaust fan.Filter plate is the key device in water treatment process,In the filter, it plays the dual role of carrying filter layer filtration and backwashing water distribution (gas.The quality of the filter plate (especially the flatness and accuracy of the filter plate) is directly related to the water quality, water quantity and long-term benefits of the water plant and the sewage plant.The traditional filter water distribution system has high resistance when filtering and backwashing,The water distribution is uneven, there are many dead areas, the filter material is easy to plate and accumulate mud,At the same time, the supporting layer is loose due to local Flushing strength,There are advers
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