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How about the application prospect of buy robot vacuum cleaner ?
Working Principle of filter The working principle of the filter is: when the filter works,The water to be filtered enters through the nozzle,Flow through the filter screen,And enter the pipe required by the user through the outlet used for the process cycle.The particulate impurities in the water are trapped by the filter.With this continuous cycle,More and more particles have been intercepted,The filtering speed is getting slower and slower.Imported sewage is still entering continuously,The filter holes will become smaller and smaller,Causes a differential pressure between the inlet and outlet.When the difference reaches the set value,The differential pressure transmitter sends an electrical signal to the controller.The control system starts the drive motor,The drive shaft rotates through the transmission parts,At the same time, the sewage outlet is opened and discharged from the sewage outlet.When the filter is cleaned,The differential pressure drops to the minimum,And the system returns to the in

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What is the use of stainless steel filter? The stainless steel filter element has good filtration performance, 2-The filter granularity of 200um can play a uniform surface filtration performance,The main filter material adopts a multi-layer stainless steel sintering network,The filtering accuracy is 0.5-200um,Its shape and size can be processed according to user requirements.It is mainly used for pipeline filtration in petrochemical industry and oilfield;Fuel Filtration for refueling equipment and construction machinery equipment;Equipment filtration in water treatment industry;7 field of pharmaceutical and food processing;Rated flow 80-200l/min working pressure 1.5-2.5 PA filter area (m2) 0.01-0.20 filtering accuracy (μm) 2 -?200 μm filter material stainless steel woven net stainless steel punching net is used for water removal in the front stage of heavy oil combustion system,Can also be used for chemical liquid filtration,Precision 100um,Filter material is stainless steel circular microporous mesh.Suitabl
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