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How about market influence of IMASS?
What is the standard of 0.1 million purification workshop? The 0.1 million-level purification workshop standard is the number of ventilation times in clean rooms.1. the number of ventilation times in the 100,000 clean room is not less than 15 times/h.2. the number of ventilation times in the 10 th grade clean room is not less than 25 times/h.3. the number of ventilation times in the thousand clean room is not less than 50 times/h.Purification,Mainly by the clean air flow, the indoor air is constantly diluted,Gradually discharge the indoor pollution,To achieve the clean effect.1. the material of the purification workshop is to purify the factory wall and the top plate. generally, it is made of 50mm thick sandwich color steel plate,It is characterized by beautiful appearance, strong rigidity, good insulation performance and easy construction.2. epoxy self-flowing flat floor or advanced wear-resistant plastic floor can be used on the floor of the purification workshop,There are anti-static requireme

Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and economical solutions for customers, so as to meet their needs to the greatest extent. Kaihao's robotic vacuum cleaner can be used in many industries. If you have any questions, feel free to consult us. The robotic vacuum cleaner series has become a hot product of Kaihao.

How to choose the water purifier, their respective advantages and disadvantages after use The water purifier is mainly divided into ultra-filtration water purifier, activated carbon water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier (Ro machine ).■ The ultra-filtration water purifier simply filters out sediment, colloid and bacteria, cannot filter out scale, heavy metals and chemical pollutants, and cannot improve the taste. the external pressure type cannot be washed and discharged, and the internal pressure type can be washed and discharged, the advantages are: no electricity, no waste of water, large flow, long filter life (1-5 years)■ Activated carbon water purifier can absorb foreign-colored peculiar smell, improve taste, and can't filter out scale, heavy metals and chemical pollutants. there is little difference between boiling and drinking, making tea and tap water, there are also secondary pollution problems such as bacterial breeding and nitrite exceeding the standard, which are prone to satura
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