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How about a sweeping robot using inertial navigation?

by:IMASS     2020-02-20
The common positioning and navigation technologies of planning sweeping robot include inertial navigation, laser navigation and visual navigation. What is the machine using inertial navigation? Inertial navigation relies on inertial sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers to obtain information such as position and speed, and is widely used in national defense fields such as aircraft, missiles, ships, submarines and tanks, however, with the reduction of cost and the increase of demand, it is gradually expanded to commercial fields, such as sweeping robots. Gyroscopes have different precision ranges, while gyroscopes used by sweeping robots generally have low precision, which may cause errors in the inertial navigation process, and errors will accumulate continuously with the passage of time, in the complex ground environment with a large area, the disadvantages of inertial navigation will gradually appear, which is not well qualified for the planned cleaning task and can be understood as a relatively primary positioning and navigation technology. The left is inertial navigation, and the right is laser navigation. Although some sweeping robots using inertial navigation also have the ability to draw maps, the maps they draw are relatively elementary, even the specific home environment cannot be distinguished. Compared with the random collision sweeping robot, the sweeping robot using inertial navigation has higher cleaning efficiency and more affordable price. However, if there are higher requirements for path navigation, it is recommended to choose laser navigation or visual navigation products. Author: Li Fusheng
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