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Hitting the domestic billion market, sweeping robots still face these three major problems

by:IMASS     2020-02-23
Since 2013, China's sweeping robot market has entered an accelerated period of development, with both sales and sales growing and the market scale expanding. Under such a development trend, as long as the problems of technology, service and market penetration are solved, the future will be able to launch an impact on the billion-dollar market. In recent years, with the growing trend of 'machine substitution' and the rise of people's concept of intelligence, robots have gradually entered our production and life. With the help of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things, industrial robots are relatively mature in technology and market-oriented development is in full swing. By contrast, the emergence and development of service robots are still very short, and they are still emerging industries. However, service robots are widely used, from education, entertainment, medical care, finance, to logistics, e-commerce, justice, family . . . . . . Among them, the household cleaning robot is undoubtedly the most sold and most widely used service robot at this stage. As one of the main members of the household cleaning robot, the sweeping robot relies on 96% of the market, it has become another household appliance after the vacuum cleaner. The rapid development of domestic sweeping robots since the sweeping robot products entered the domestic market in 2010, they first experienced a three-year exploration period and adaptation period, and then with the rise of the younger generation of consumer groups, with the gradual deepening of market favor and acceptance, the domestic sweeping robot market has ushered in a rapid growth period since 2013. According to statistics, in the five years from 2013 to 2017, the sales volume of sweeping robots in China increased from 56. 332 units expanded rapidly. 50 thousand units, sales from 8. 38 billion yuan increased to 44. 0. 1 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 51 yuan and a compound growth rate of nearly 70%. It is not difficult to see that the current domestic sweeping robot has good development potential under the condition that both sales volume and sales volume maintain a double increase in the market. It is predicted that the sales volume and sales volume of domestic sweeping robots will reach 435 and 53 respectively in 2018. 0. 8 billion yuan, the future market will further expand under the blessing of high growth. The two great opportunities have given birth to a huge market. On the whole, the reason why sweeping robots can usher in such a rapid development in China and give birth to a huge emerging market, A large part of the reason is due to the current favorable development environment in China. On the one hand, under the trend of urbanization, the quickening pace of people's life and the increasing pressure of life have made many consumers eager to get rid of the heavy daily housework, the growing rise of 'lazy economy' has given sweeping robots great room for development. On the other hand, the improvement of people's quality of life and the growth of consumption level have also driven the upgrading of domestic consumption patterns. The younger generation has gradually become the main force of consumption, and online e-commerce has become a new means of consumption, the sweeping robot has thus become a new favorite of the family. In addition, the concept of smart home is now at the forefront of the development of the industry. Major manufacturers are actively introducing smart products to seize the entrance of smart home and create a home ecology. Under the background of industry transformation and upgrading, new concepts, new environment and new layout have brought new opportunities to smart home products. As a representative product, sweeping robots will naturally have broad development space. In the future, we still need to overcome these three problems. On the whole, driven by the rise of lazy economy, the trend of consumption upgrading, and the trend of smart home outlets, although the sweeping robot has ushered in a development market that has begun to take shape, there are still problems in the development of the industry. If the future market size is to exceed 10 billion, the following three hidden worries need to be solved: first of all, we need to make up for the technical defects of the sweeping robot. At present, although there are dozens of sweeping robot brands in the domestic market, there are many listed Cobos, Haier, Midea and other old household appliance enterprises, however, the proportion of locally established enterprises with core research and development capabilities is not high. Originally, there was a technical gap between China and foreign countries because of its late start. Now, under the development trend of intelligent path planning, sweeping robots have put forward higher technical requirements for Chinese enterprises. Under such circumstances, domestic sweeping robot enterprises must attach importance to the research and development of core technologies and breakthroughs. The second is to speed up the product service of the sweeping robot. In today's digital age, it is not uncommon for smart devices to reveal personal data and privacy. Sweeping robots have also been reported that hackers have exploited them to grab users' privacy because of system vulnerabilities, this requires enterprises to grasp the balance point between functional requirements and intelligent experience, and continuously improve product service and user experience. At the same time, in terms of after-sales service, enterprises also need to increase service intensity, improve the convenience of after-sales maintenance. Finally, it is necessary to continuously enhance market penetration. At present, the penetration rate of domestic sweeping robots is less than 5%, which is very low compared with other countries or other household appliances in the industry. On the one hand, the reason is that the sales channels are not perfect enough, 90% of the online channels are compressed offline, and the user experience cannot be satisfied; On the other hand, the adaptability of the products is not enough. The sweeping robot produced according to foreign products is not suitable for the small living area of domestic families. Therefore, in order to improve the penetration rate of the domestic market, we need to start from these two aspects.
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