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Hebei feixiang 2019 broken bridge aluminum mechanical press conference in Beijing

by:IMASS     2020-03-17
Hebei feixiang on the broken bridge aluminum 2019 Beijing conference professional committed to the complete set of equipment for laser cutting machine laser welding machine, fiber laser welding factory house price concessions. Decorate now most people choose broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, I pick up a few customers to decorate recently, all say broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows to be loaded, also asked the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows which is a good brand. All such dedicated because of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, high cost performance, and security is not bad, easy to use three to sound insulation effect better. But now to do good and bad are intermingled of broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows of the brand, so you don't know not clear guide to sell, when the choose and buy yourself might plead to polish the eye, in case of falling into the trap. 'The price' has always been no matter what one of the biggest commodity consumer debate, especially the broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows the big-ticket items, after all, the price is quite high, and the installation process is more complex. Then, when choosing a broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows ten big brand, how to measure the price? Today, small make up from the network to gather together some product prices, value is not necessarily accurate, only as a reference. Beijing Hugo swire doors and Windows is our doors and Windows industry pig page until now. He can solve the problem of the doors and Windows of a house and of the system. To supply the user with a set of overall system solution. Is no longer a door production manufacturer in the traditional sense. He more from the perspective of the customer on the road. To supply customers with one-stop service. Say again broken bridge and the middle-east. Broken bridge aluminum, aluminum detached from the middle-east? 不! 'Broken bridge', 'bridge' refers to the 'bridge' of calories between hot and cold, 'broken bridge' means 'to cut off the cold heat interaction' inside and outside. Aluminum is aluminum alloy profiles, closely linked not easy bad, not easy to rust, is more ideal than iron and steel all the doors and Windows material. Can cut inside and hot and cold interaction, by add 'PA66 nylon. Metal heat transfer very quickly, but not nylon, so calories bridge was cut off ~ then, broken bridge aluminum revealed. Broken bridge aluminum from Germany the introduction of domestic technology, in not easy to bad and adiabatic heating is beyond the material before. This is the country standard, but until now decorate market many manufacturers use cheap PVC molecular compound plastic insulation, this will seriously affect the product use the save years of life and safety. The impression that a lot of wonderful beautiful memories from the window of the house. The apartment in Rome, opened the window is the bustling streets; In milan, opened the adjustable electric fan is a small balcony outside, can drink coffee sit on street view. And my own home, not only from a few tens of kilometers, but weather good moments, to see the western hills of Beijing, can let a person have a good mood all day. Broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows profile is different, the price also has difference, the price of primary aluminum and recycled aluminum processing manufacturing there is far, second wall thickness is 1. 0mm - 2. Between 0 mm, prompt consumers in this place, state regulations, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows of the wall thickness should be greater than or equal to 1. 4mm。 Fu xuan door price range in 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan is not equal to, the relatively modest price relative to other brand. It is reported, the price advantage is licensed coating factory and toughened glass factory, due to the large sales, as a result of this hardware accessories supply a lower price. Now house more for high-rise building, floor, the higher the greater the tenants affected by the wind. Tech material tensile strength and elastic than aluminum alloy material. Think from a security problem, the comparison of high-level resident or aluminum alloy materials, especially where hurricane is demand more attention. WeChat chat with me, said he broken bridge aluminum window is faulty, and is very pungent, just start I thought it was in our order of doors and Windows, afterwards just know, he consulted before the doors and Windows, our family could be due to the price, finally we do not find, but chose another cheap broken bridge aluminum window. D shield broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, tightly sealed insulation joints, multiple compression strip tightly closed, air volume 47 db, even in crowded streets can ensure quiet comfortable and easy and comfortable. D shield broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, decorate a style to d precise matching the format of the shield broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows products are diverse, casual style of window of door of choose and buy, tonal, concentrate on default, precise matching your decorate a style. D shield broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, don't pass every detail see fit and use super import original suppose to nation inspection-exempted aluminum, guarantees the product quality from the sources, the introduction of Germany advanced technology and equipment, with German quality strict specification each production link, don't pass every last detail. According to the country building material standard, broken bridge aluminum aluminum alloy grades should be applied for 6063 or 6061 of these two kinds of alloy, have to call the heart of the stiffness, strength and corrosion resistance. Accurate network sponsorship,
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