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Hainan lingao guizhou aluminum plant machinery exhibition (2019)

by:IMASS     2020-03-11
Hainan lingao guizhou aluminum plant machinery exhibition (2019) reported that Beijing zichen investment development co. , LTD. Was established in February 25, 2014, the main business scope for construction general contracting and professional contracting, subcontracting, belongs to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council regulation; Guizhou GuiLv HuaYi real estate development co. , LTD was established in September 2003, state-owned holding companies. From April 20 to 26, vice secretary of provincial party committee, governor ChenYiQin delegation during the visit, in Italy, Britain held a series of global promotion activities in guizhou, the from all walks of life to promote tourism in guizhou, the two countries further in guizhou and the path to build tourism exchanges between the two countries. On April 26, 'mountain park, colorful guizhou province wind' into the macau community, site and promote tourism in guizhou, attracted numerous consulting macau residents. Through a series of promotional activities, and promote guizhou inbound market to develop the European market, promote the overall image propaganda, guizhou to expand in the global tourism industry in guizhou, and the public awareness of the flock from all over the world. Entering 2018, the Chinese aluminum industry in the first three quarter net profit of 14. 9. 6 billion yuan, rose 11. 02%; Asset-liability ratio is 67. 15%, reduce the year 5. 07%. It is worth mentioning that the company produced in the first three quarters to achieve business activities net cash flow of 2 billion yuan, of record in 3 years, management quality and efficiency improved continuously, the accelerating pace of transformation and upgrading. In addition, China aluminum made multiple announcement on November 20, including plans to participate in bidding for aluminium related products production and marketing of shanxi huaxing 50% stake, chinalco to subsidiary international trade ( Shanghai free trade area) Capital increase of 1 billion yuan, and spent 100 million yuan to the Great Wall aluminum ore dressing workshop acquisitions and other several equipment assets. Zhongtian finance and the acquisition of the Chinese life insurance in a year later, no obvious progress, this time, zhongtian financial can fulfill a wish to buy huaxia life? Its activity in the field of finance and real estate, is for the sake of what? The three formally registered company, and may herald a country garden group in guiyang, guizhou new district and including there will be a new action, country garden speed or layout of the guizhou will be further accelerated. G〔17〕069— 072, a total of 4 pieces of commercial housing plot of land is located in baiyun district bright red mountain town of the original area of alumina plant, it is mainly used for living, Compatible with commercial not greater than 10%) And fixed number of year lived for 70 years, 40 years in business. G〔17〕069— 071 land planning condition are as follows: 1 volume rate or less 3 or less; Building density 25% or less; Rate is 35% or higher. 100 - meter - high building. G [17] good land planning condition for 072: volume 3 or less. 5; Building density 30% or less; Rate is 35% or higher. 100 - meter - high building. For the foreseeable future, still will be rapid development in guizhou. Zhongtian financial as guizhou native forty years based companies, listed companies in guizhou, market value after maotai, can be said to be one of the leading stocks in guizhou, share in guizhou has an inherent advantage when high-speed development dividend. Guizhou aluminum plant area on July 3, 2017 G ( 17) 035 - G ( 17) 037 three land auction, Greenland group ( Guiyang real estate) Zichen investment development co. , LTD. And Beijing co. , LTD. , as well as guizhou aluminum plant after three companies through the 36 markup, with a final total 4. 7. 6 billion yuan, 4238 yuan/square meters floor price success together to baiyun district gong home village aluminium plant G ( 17) No. 037 block. More before, June 22, 2017, Greenland group has with guizhou aluminum plant in GuiLv hotel held a strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony, meant to diversified cooperation through your strategic level, to further promote the construction of complex real estate and ecological tourist town of comprehensive cooperation. Of green space in city area A new construction project is located in baiyun district gong home village of guiyang city, the total land area of about 48057. 2 ㎡, plot ratio 3. 0, building density is 25%, the building height of 100 meters, a total construction area of 150000 ㎡, the main construction contents for commercial and residential buildings. Construction area of 11 projects included in the volume rate. 20000 ㎡, supporting facilities for 1250. 00 ㎡, commodity residential buildings (11 Six buildings include supporting business) Form a complete set of business, building, 1. Do not count towards the volume rate construction area 3. 80000 ㎡. Project the total number of households 798, check in the total population of about 2793 people. This project supporting service facilities, including public housing, public security office, community, neighborhood committees, postal office, community library, nursing home, realty service. Holiday on the first day, the province's tourism market is a safe and orderly, holiday tourism coordinate departments at all levels to keep staff on duty 24 hours on-the-job, the monitoring of provincial tourism market operation, in time to accept and handle relevant consultation and complaints. As of April 29, 17 provinces JiaRiBan received effective complaint 1 piece, mainly related to the scenic spot service does not reach the designated position, JiaRiBan duly handled. Tourism has been security incident report. G( 17) Block 072 total land area of 81988 square meters, the actual land area of 56443. 4 square meters, the road greening protection zone covers an area of 10330. 4 square meters, the land for municipal road 15214. 2 square meters. Meter construction area of 197551. 9 square meters. The land required to plot on the east side of 24 class primary school should be synchronized planning and put into use; Should focus on planning and construction has the function of tourist accommodation and form a complete set of housing, the construction area accounted for 20% of the total construction area of. Competitive person must complete this plot of anji, the construction of new garden road on the west side of industrial elements, and according to the elements of industrial park construction baiyun district government pay 50% of the total cost to the deposit, the deposit shall be pay within 10 working days after the listing clinch a deal. ,
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