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Good cleaning and covering effect, new experience of worry-free life! Evaluation of Feina intelligent sweeping robot

by:IMASS     2020-02-25
With the development of science and technology, consumption upgrading and the popularization of the concept of smart home, more and more people are looking at smart home appliances that can provide convenient and carefree enjoyment of life, such as intelligent sweeping robots. The current technology has made the cleaning work of the sweeping robot more efficient and orderly. For users, they can complete the cleaning work they want only by booking the cleaning function. However, with the gradual increase in the popularity of sweeping robots, the speed of product upgrading on the market is also accelerating. For this reason, today we choose a technology benchmark product, TF-under German Ferna TOMEFON- D60 intelligent sweeping robot to make reasonable evaluation for everyone. Ferna tomefon tf- As a sweeping and dragging all-in-one machine, how does the D60 intelligent sweeping robot perform in the home experience? This evaluation mainly shows TF-through the three aspects that the majority of users are most concerned about at present: appearance, cleaning effect and wet drag effect-The situation of D60. I. Appearance Ferna TOMEFON TF- The D60 intelligent sweeping robot chooses the noble champagne gold as the main color, and the front panel color is the gradient sapphire blue. The two colors complement each other, making the machine look very scientific and technological. In addition, the design of this sweeping robot is relatively simple, with only three touch-type main keys on the panel. The biggest difference between this sweeping robot and the ordinary sweeping robot is that its suction port is a sweeping and suction interchangeable design, and the vacuum suction port can be replaced with a roller brush suction port. Second, the cleaning effect will be treated as tomefon tf- After the D60 intelligent sweeping robot side brush and other parts are installed, the indoor cleaning work will begin. TF- After D60 is started, it first pauses indoors for a few seconds, and then rotates the search. This is the wireless carrier indoor positioning system is running. For the first time, you need to conduct a detection and understanding of the room, then model planning, and finally clean it. When you use it for the second time, you have already remembered the first map, and the cleaning work can be started more quickly. As can be seen from observation, TF- The cleaning route of D60 is the leading bow-shaped cleaning route at present. This route has high cleaning coverage and can greatly improve cleaning efficiency. Rough calculation, a room of about 25 flat space, cleaning time is about 6 minutes. Moreover, this sweeping robot can automatically switch the cleaning mode according to different ground sanitation conditions. In the event of a garbage disaster area, the strong cleaning mode is more efficient. As mentioned above, the switchable sweep and suction swap suction can make the ground cleaning more targeted. Since this sweeping robot uses a brushless motor, it does not produce excessive noise while ensuring large suction, and the overall use experience is excellent. Third, the effect of wet dragging is Ferna tomefon tf- After the D60 intelligent sweeping robot is replaced with a nano rag and a large-capacity water tank, it is allowed to carry out the wet dragging of the floor. It can be observed that TF- The wet drag effect of D60 is much better than that of the same products on the market. The specific performance is that the deep stains and stubborn stains of the floor can be erased, and the floor will not be too wet. And TF- The water tank configured by D60 is much larger than the same products on the market. Even if such a water tank cleans 150 flat floors, it is not a problem. In order to ensure cleaning time, TF- The battery used by D60 is a power lithium battery with small volume and large capacity, which ensures the battery life and avoids the inconvenience caused by frequent breakpoint renewal. Evaluation Summary: Feina tomefon tf- The advantage of D60 intelligent sweeping robot is that it is efficient and clean. It can be said that all the current cutting-edge technologies are used, and the cleaning effect (Including wet drag effect)All very good, very suitable for home use. In operation, not only the panel can be directly controlled, but also the remote control, which is very convenient and considerate. The most important thing is that this sweeping robot is reasonable in price and cost-effective.
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