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Giddel, the first toilet brushing robot, can automatically avoid obstacles and clean the toilet

by:IMASS     2020-02-29
In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, many families have used sweeping robots, but many times sweeping robots can't solve it. For example, the cleaning of the toilet, which for many young people, is a headache. However, recently, Altan Robotech, a start-up company in New York, developed a toilet robot called Giddel, which can effectively solve this problem. It is reported that from the appearance, Giddel is more like a walking robot, which consists of brushes, brackets, mechanical arms, etc. Of course, its use is also very simple, users only need to fix Giddel on the toilet seat, it can automatically open the cleaning mode. In addition, Giddel can automatically sense the curvature of the toilet and then adjust the angle to achieve maximum cleaning. Giddel also has a big feature, that is, it has the ability to automatically avoid obstacles, so even if it is placed at home, it does not have to be afraid to meet the Xiong Haizi at home. On the other hand, Giddel's charging method is also very simple, as long as it is put back into the charging base can be automatically charged. Finally, Altan Robotech revealed that the Giddel toilet cleaning robot kit costs $500 (About 3450 yuan). However, it has not yet been listed in China, and small partners in need may have to wait quietly.
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