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Gao Xian's first unmanned sanitation vehicle is about to be released

by:IMASS     2020-02-27
With the low-speed unmanned driving technology becoming more and more mature in the sanitation industry, the commercial cleaning product line of Gaoxian robot has officially set foot in the sanitation field-- Gao Xian's first unmanned sanitation vehicle will be released soon. This product is jointly developed by Gao Xian robot and Shandong Hyde, a well-known sanitation vehicle enterprise. Gao Xian unmanned sanitation vehicle Gao Xian has accumulated five years of robot full-scene mobile technology, which can be applied to two types of technical scenarios: Autonomous Mobile of service robots and low-speed unmanned driving of vehicles. Relying on the core underlying technology of autonomous mobile, Gao Xian has gradually realized the layout in the three vertical fields of cleaning, security and distribution. Among them, Gao Xian has occupied more than half of the domestic market for robot technology solutions with security and distribution as application scenarios. The series of cleaning robot products are the first to go deep into some countries and regions such as Singapore and South Korea, realizing large-scale landing, it has been successfully recognized by users in high-end service fields including Singapore Changi Airport, Australia Melbourne Airport, Qatar Airport, Singapore Sentosa scenic spot, etc. Since entering the domestic market in 2017, Gao Xian commercial cleaning robot has also realized the landing of Shanghai Bund, Beijing Wangjing SOHO, Shanghai Xingye TaiKoo Hui, Hangzhou lakeside Yintai, Xincheng Real estate and other projects. The upcoming new unmanned sanitation vehicle will give full play to the unique advantages of Gao Xian's technical experience and actual combat data accumulated in large-scale commercial cleaning scenes in the past five years, the full-scene mobile technology is combined with the large-area outdoor cleaning function, and the full-automatic commercial cleaning layout across the indoor/external, structural/unstructured environment is fully realized. Gao Xian commercial cleaning robot ECOBOT (Aikebao) The series of product lines are the products and solutions in the three vertical fields of Gao Xian. It is worth mentioning that, the unmanned sanitation vehicle was developed by Dr. CTO Qin Baoxing, a Gaoxian robot, as the chief technical expert and led the team personally. Dr. Qin used to be the No. 3 core employee and chief scientist of nuTonomy, a well-known high-speed self-driving car company. He created the nuTonomy perception technology team and developed the unmanned vehicle perception system from scratch. During his doctoral study at the National University of Singapore, he studied under Professor Marcelo Ang, a robotics expert, and later worked in Singapore as a postdoctoral fellow-MIT Joint Laboratory (SMART) During the research work of unmanned driving technology, I learned from Professor Emilio Frazzoli, a path planning expert, and Professor ELA Rus, MIT CSAIL Danier laboratory. Gao Xian robot CTO Dr. Qin Baoxing serves Singapore-MIT Joint Laboratory (SMART) During this period, Dr. Qin participated in the 'travel on demand' project sponsored by the Singapore Natural Science Foundation (Mobility-on-Demand). As Singapore to build a smart country (SMART Nation) A landmark project in the national strategy, it was launched in 2014 in Chinese, Singapore- Japanese park has been widely recognized by the public for developing unmanned vehicles for free. Mobility-on- Demand project in Singapore Chinese- Japanese Park public testing led the completion of a number of world-class unmanned technology projects during the work of nuTonomy :-With world-renowned automobile enterprise Jaguar- Land Rover cooperates to develop unmanned technology applications such as autonomous parking systems; - To launch the first unmanned test drive service project open to the public worldwide in Singapore; - Singapore and Boston simultaneously carry out driverless test projects under open urban roads, and carry out driverless taxi service projects in Boston with American taxi company Lyft. Nutony driverless taxi has passed the test in Singapore. Dr. Qin's joining will build a technical advantage of more competitive barriers for high-fairy robots, the unmanned sanitation vehicle project led by Gao Xian has devoted his rich and leading unmanned driving technology experience, and combined with Gao Xian's accumulation in the unmanned commercial cleaning field, it will certainly create more valuable new ideas and concepts for the field of unmanned sanitation vehicles and further promote the development of commercial landing of unmanned vehicles. Five major functional advantages achievement Gaoxian unmanned sanitation vehicle solution
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