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four helpful household appliances

by:IMASS     2019-11-16
Invoxia\'s audio office is both a comfortable phone for smartphones and a charging dock.
Image source: supply source Let\'s take a look at some smart home appliances. 1.
Samsung, 1299 samsung. Com/auRating: 4.
Nothing is more satisfying than watching robots do housework.
Samsung\'s Navibot S is the company\'s second robotic vacuum cleaner, and for this reason it\'s a fantastic entertainer and the new model is more advanced. It is thinner (only 8cm high)
, With more sensors, seven cleaning modes and high
The End model uses the automatic dust removal mode to discharge dust into a larger bin of the charging station.
The vacuum uses the camera to map the room by looking at the ceiling.
Users can have Navibot automatically clean the room, clean a place strongly, or set the cleaning time.
It does run into some household items (
Vases, bins, etc)
But it is also an impressive and fun cleaner. --2. WITHINGS WI-
$24 home technology. com. auRating: 4.
5/5 these scales are not only smart enough to upload your weight to the Internet, but smart enough to lock it so the world can\'t see it.
With Wi-
Fi Body Scale is a smart device even if there is no title
However, catch the internet connection.
It uses sensors on the reflective blue surface to measure the weight and percentage of the user\'s lean muscles and fat.
Connect it to a wireless internet signal and it can automatically transfer that information to a password-
Protected profiles on its website and free apps.
The measurement results are displayed in the chart, so you can check the progress.
Users can set up their own profiles so that personal data does not fall into the hands of the bad guys. --3.
INVOXIA audioffice homehold technology, $390 homehold technology. com.
4/5 smartphones are the most convenient but not the most comfortable phone.
This smart Invoxia dock changes this by converting the device moving up into a landline.
AudiOffice sits on a table offering Apple\'s iPhone base and traditional phones.
When connected via physical or Bluetooth, the user can answer the phone by lifting and replacing the phone from the magnetic base to hang up.
This is a simple but convenient system that can charge the phone at the same time.
There are four built-in features in AudiOffice
Speakers and two microphones.
The user must set the AudiOffice to answer the phone automatically. --4.
Lg kompressor and MELG, $ 749lg.
Com/auRating: 4/5 this robot vacuum cleaner is like a dog: it follows you around the house.
The Kompressor, properly named Kompressor Me, uses sensors to accomplish this task: one in the vacuum handle, three in its body, recording the distance between the handle and the vacuum motor.
The result is a cleaner and you don\'t have to walk around the house, although it can sneak near you from behind.
The 2000 W machine is a loop bag-free system with several accessories including a motorized brush.
The vacuum pulls a lot of pet hair from the carpet, although it is loud and high
Sharp noise that is hard to ignore.
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