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Five tips for purchasing sweeping robots

by:IMASS     2020-02-18
Many people are very confused about buying a sweeping robot. They don't know what is good. Except for the different appearance, other aspects are more unknown, I often feel that I choose one and buy it directly. In fact, there is much more knowledge in the purchase of sweeping robots. In order to facilitate novice purchase, the market research team has made a summary of several most practical functions of sweeping robots, I hope it can play a reference role in the purchase process for beginners. One of the purchasing skills: choosing a large dust box when it comes to the large dust box, the dust box with the largest capacity among the sweeping robots is Germany's Feina (TOMEFON) The dust box of the sweeping robot newly introduced by Feina is twice to three times larger than that of the ordinary sweeping robot. The large dust box means that it is not necessary to clean it frequently, it can be kept for a long time after cleaning once. At the same time, Feina (TOMEFON) The dust box can also be disassembled and washed at any time, which is convenient to keep the dust box clean at any time and prolong its service life. The second purchasing skill: choose the sweeping robot which adopts the 'bow' sweeping route. According to the market research and many tests, this kind of 'bow' sweeping pattern is cleaner, the coverage rate is wider, the time is saved, the leakage and scanning situation can be reduced to the greatest extent, not only the specified area is cleaned in a short time, but also the loss degree of the machine is reduced, because many ordinary sweeping robots use repeated scanning to clean the same place repeatedly, which not only takes a long time, but also takes a longer time to use the machine, and of course the bad ones are faster. The fourth generation of Feina sweeping robot has retained the way of 'bow' sweeping route, and has also been improved, adding new U-mode, edge mode and so on. The third purchase skill: the function of dust filtration system take Feina as an example. On its 47cm2 Haipa, 36 folds are distributed, and the microscopic filtering holes are neatly arranged, can effectively block dust particles and insects and mites and other allergens, the release of clean and healthy air. Feina upgraded this function, using the filtering standard of the air purifier, large particles and HEPA filtration as a whole, so that the excluded air is even cleaner than the breath. The fourth purchase skill: the sweeping robot with intelligent positioning function can locate the whole room in real time, then draw according to the surrounding environment, Judge independently, and then divide the area, scientifically and regularly carry out partition cleaning of the room, which greatly reduces the leakage during the cleaning process. The fifth purchase skill: low noise many people respond that the noise in the cleaning process of the sweeping robot will affect the rest, so we need to pay attention to the noise when buying, feina's noise is controlled within 50db, which is gentler and quieter during cleaning and will not affect normal life and rest.
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