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Famous mountains of sichuan province area 2019 spot at the heater's exhibition

by:IMASS     2020-03-18
Famous mountains area, sichuan province, 2019 at the heater professional committed to the laser spot show complete set of equipment for laser welding machine, laser cutting machine optical fiber laser welding factory house price concessions. In addition, it had high eight on heating. 9 points. In the evaluation of article 4298, 74 consumers to mention 'soon'; There are 98 consumers mention 'warm shower; There are 128 consumers mention 'make warm effect is good. It is roughly similar to the heater, by heating the air suction, after make warm blow out to achieve. The specific principle is that there is a air inlet and the blow mouth, the fan will air suction, after PTC porcelain ceramic heating elements to heat the cold air, after the wind blow out again after heating. Wind warm bath bully is not illuminated, but the same manufacturer with LED lights, etc. , so-called 'triad', 'four unity, which brings together the warmth, lighting, ventilation and other functions. Furthermore, for the family conditions allow, 'consumer reports' recommended heating floor, because the heat from bottom to top, can from the feet, warm head, than type light warm and wind warm bath bully experience to know better, but the cost is higher, Pay attention to do a good job in pre-sale familiar with installation and prevent water conservancy engineering) 。 From the perspective of as far as possible to take care of the children eye, 'consumer reports' more recommended type wind warm bath bully. As the wind warm type products in consumers' evaluation on the overall than light warm type high, products CCR index are more than eight points, while the price span bigger, from $299 to $1599 is not equal to. 9 light warm type product comprehensive scores are below 8 points, and price range is mainly concentrated in the 100 to 300 yuan. Is lack of comparison show clearly, but warm light type products that is hot a little. Until now in the market most bath bully feel appropriate to use molecular compound plastic material, but long time high temperature working butt bath bully material and work put forward higher requirements. At the FDP310A on doing things to get the highest 8. Three points, it feels right and using the smooth texture of PC material, through special anodic oxidation treatment, the box body by phosphating and coating twofold guard against as far as possible to take care of the disposal, high temperature resistant, safe not easy bad. More consumers referred to in the comments' precise and detailed work 'and' material is exquisite. Before the choose and buy, 'consumer reports' suggests that we should pay attention to the face of the bath bully conform to use the simplest or the size of the object surface and power, and the ceiling height in the home match. As are the large bulb early bath bully, for until now threaten the carbon fiber, the gold tube, such as new bath bully, is yes, senior evolution model. The want of it is a dazzling light, the light above the illuminate of top-down method is easy to have a body very hot, cool the uneven heating of the material at the foot of the situation. When installation, bath bully had better not install over the shower area, due to know uncomfortable experience. Warm wind temperature around 40 ℃, lower than the hot water temperature, cooler blows directly in the body, and the air flow, evaporation temperature drop quickly, accurate installation aim is to let the warm wind outlet change clothes. And warm lights installed in the top of the head, can feel the top of the head is hot. After following the electric blanket, the warm, 'consumer reports' on the warm winter products to the third - reputation evaluation - - - - - - Bath bully, The electric blanket and make the warm public praise in public, the background search) 。 Accurate network sponsorship,
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