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In addition to providing high-quality products, Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. also provides effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers. Multiple in function and wide in application, robotic vacuum cleaner can be used in many industries and fields. We supply quality-reliable and price-affordable products in the long term. Please feel free to consult us! The robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the main products of Kaihao.

I want to make a device to filter well water with quartz sand, but I don't know how to do it, and the flow of well water is also very large, and I don't know how much to do. Diameter 1.5 m plate thickness 4mm garden head two high 2.5 M garden can open 108 on the middle hole side and leave the feeding tank.Automatic welding inner coating professional paint 3mm with vertical 5.5kw water pump flow 80 square pressure into the upper hole of the garden tank.The lower hole is connected to the variable frequency constant pressure water supply.Quartz is placed in quartz sand at both ends about 1 cm (don't be too thin and too thin ).Water into the tank.Design pipe-oriented backwashing.The above is a tank for water washing and bath in a hot well on site for reference.Two kinds of water inlet and rotary sand remover (cone type) on the submersible pump to the drinking water core filter.With gauze,Use a big jar to drain so much trouble. just buy one. it's not much more expensive to do than buy and the effect of trouble is

What are the fish pond filter on the market now? There are many kinds of filters on the market, large and small, filter barrels, filter boxes, stainless steel filters, many kinds! The more common one is the overall filter, and the effect is better. 1. pipe network overflow filtering method: Build a filter pool next to the fish pond, and lay a pipe network at the bottom of the fish pond, connecting the main pool and the filter pool. Principle: Through the circulating water pump, the water continues to circulate between the main pool and the filter pool, circulating the fish waste and other impurities and precipitation in the fish pool to the filter pool, and then discharging the sewage into the sewer. 2. sand cylinder type filter equipment: Sand Tank type filter equipment was originally used for water purification in swimming pools, and was then quoted to fish pond filter. It mainly includes two types of equipment such as glass fiber reinforced plastic sand cylinder and stainless steel sand cylinder, and its e
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