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dyson launches ‘intelligent’ v11 digital vacuum

by:IMASS     2019-11-16
Dyson introduced the latest equipment
Ultimate vacuum cleaner.
It costs $1099, including Dyson\'s most powerful motor and battery.
Dyson V11 will save you $1099 and will be available online for the next two weeks.
Source: supply \"have you heard that Dyson has just launched a new product today?
This is a phrase that is both exciting and pure horror.
What might come to Dyson\'s mind this time: an Akubra with air conditioning?
Does a robot hair stylist use a straightener?
People then start to worry that the product may not be able to afford it until the next payday is sold out.
Whenever there is a Dyson phenomenon among family members,
Run company has launched a new device.
From the well-received Dyson Airwrap hair, allergic-
Pure cold air purification fan friendly to game replacement animal stick vacuum, for all your pet hair needs, the brand of course knows how to sell appliances.
Dyson V11 comments: New digital motor smart vacuum cleaner announced Source: supplier this time the company has returned to the basics and launched a new robotstyle, cord-
A free vacuum cleaner will save you $1099.
Dyson V11 will be available on Dyson\'s website for two weeks before being available to major retailers across Australia.
The device has the strongest battery ever, along with an intelligent system that can analyze the ground it is cleaning and interact with you while cleaning, Dyson said.
Dyson V11 wire
Now there is a free vacuum cleaner online.
Source: SuppliedCOOL, but what is special about it?
While it may be similar to the previous model, this new machine has an LCD screen to talk to you when you use it.
The device lets you know how much time it has left until the second time, before you need to charge or clean it.
It is also equipped with a powerful motor that the company says will collect every kind of dust, hair or food you can throw on it.
The handheld stick vacuum lets you know how much juice it has left.
Source: John Churchill, vice president of floor eddyson floor care and robotics, said the new model adjusted its behavior based on the different floor surfaces used.
\"There\'s really nothing to consider, you just have to grab the machine,\" he said . \".
Users can sit down and have Dyson V11 do the work for them, says John Churchill.
Source: supply 11 will save you $1099 and will be available online for the next two weeks.
Source: of course, your old Phillips or Hoover vacuum cleaner can clean up the dirty floor after a particularly energetic cooking process.
But Mr Churchill said that what Dyson V11 can do is not just suck the Barbie doll shoes and nutrition of your child\'s wandering --
Use its \"in-
Build intelligence \".
\"This machine is learned by itself in any environment,\" John said . \".
\"It is not connected to the Internet.
It just understands what needs to be done through internal software.
Dyson\'s latest vacuum cleaner was designed by 315 engineers.
This is a busy workshop.
Source: supply the LCD screen on the back of the screen vacuum, there is a simple-to-
Read the display and simple format.
It is characterized by running time, machine performance is the same as any aggressive motherin-
The law, it will even remind you when and where to clean it up.
There is a time counter to tell you how much battery life is left
Vac power off will be the past.
The LCD screen guides you through your cleaning, a helpful friend.
Source: The supply CD screen also acts as a portable manual-
You know, when you buy something new, what is the first thing you throw away?
Mr Churchill said the machine provided the same tips and suggestions as in the manual, but when the user needed the information.
For example, if you block the vacuum with a Lego block, \"the airline is blocked\" will be displayed on the screen \".
Then, for those of us who are completely useless in terms of trouble shooting, the screen will show you different ways to clear the blockage through a short animation.
Dyson V11 comments: New digital smart vacuum cleaner announcesource: supply motor HEADThe new device senses the surface of the floor and automatically adjusts-
This means that when you go from carpet to hard floor, you no longer swap the settings or change the head.
This is where magic happens.
Source: supply air to filter each vacuum to collect dust and discharge air during this process.
Dyson says its powerful motor can suck anything you throw at it.
Source: Churchill edbut according to Mr Churchill, Dyson V11 purified the air it sucked in during the cleaning process.
\"We know that a large number of Australians have allergies, so we have to create a vacuum to help these customers,\" he said . \". “The fully-
The sealing system takes away all the dust around us and keeps it in the machine instead of draining it out of the air.
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