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dyson enters the robot vacuum market, but at a rumoured £750 will it beat the roomba?

by:IMASS     2019-11-26
For a long time, the most heavy housework is Labor.
Thanks to advances in technology such as washing machines and dishwashers, this is free.
But there is a task that has largely resisted all attempts to eliminate the need for human efforts --vacuuming.
The first robotic vacuum cleaner Electrolux three-leaf worm was launched in 1997, but the product has never really attracted consumers.
Today, James Dyson, a famous British maverick inventor, revealed what he thinks will be a turbo device.
Driving the market downturn in robot cleaning equipment
His cyclone technology has revolutionized the vacuum cleaning market.
\"Essentially, we have developed a smart robot vacuum cleaner that can be cleaned correctly,\" said Nick Schneider, design engineer at Dyson robotics research and development . \".
As other robotic vacuum cleaners look at the ceiling to navigate, Dyson creates a vacuum cleaner that can see a panoramic view of 360 degrees and combine the information collected by the infrared sensor to build a map that it uses to navigate its environment.
The panoramic camera lens at the top of the machine acts as its \"eye \".
\"This vision system is very advanced,\" said Schneider . \"
\"When it encounters an object, it will remember on the map in memory that there is an obstacle to that position, so it will not go back again.
This makes cleaning more efficient and has a longer battery life, he said.
Dyson\'s products have been brewing for a long time.
Over the past 16 years, a team of more than 200 engineers has spent £ 28 m on the project.
In addition to Dyson\'s £ 150 investment in digital motor technology, digital motor technology is at the heart of the product.
Richard Caines, senior home care analyst at Mintel, said: \"This is still a fairly niche area at the moment, but it is possible to get into the mainstream . \".
\"People are always looking for ways to reduce cleaning time.
With the aging of the population and the disabled, we see an increasing degree of home automation.
\"This is a big market that needs to break through.
The market for vacuum cleaners last year was estimated at £ 0. 54 billion, according to the company. While one of their reports found that the respondents used robotic vacuum cleaners, another showed that they were \"interested\" in getting a vacuum cleaner to work on the carpet.
Although so far, robot products have been offered by Samsung, LG, Vileda and most other major home appliance manufacturers.
The main competitor of JD is Roomba.
It\'s Hoover from the market-
Named after the robot vacuum cleaner.
It was launched in 2002, offering a range of products starting at £ 379. 99 to £649.
As of February, 10 million units had been sold worldwide.
However, what is the consumer\'s Bible?
I don\'t believe this robot carpet crawler will replace the booth.
Vacuum cleaner.
A spokesman said that although they have not tested the product yet, it must overcome the obstacles of high prices (
It is said to cost about 750)
Limited capacity.
\"It cannot completely replace the standard vacuum because it cannot handle specific tasks such as stairs or interior decoration,\" a spokesman said . \", \"It will be impressive if it meets these requirements,\" added \".
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