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Dyson encountered a stone robot, a pair of seconds

by:IMASS     2020-02-25
As the houses in the House are getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more various objects in the house. In addition, dogs and Xiong Haizi are messing around at home, the scattered dust and elegant and hard-to-catch hair often make housewives/cooks collapse. Because it took a long time to finish cleaning, Xiong Haizi and pets were able to 'restore' them to their original state '. In the past, we may not be able to do anything about these problems, but fortunately, today we are in a beautiful era when the sweeping robot is equipped with a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Among them, Dyson holds a vacuum cleaner and a stone sweeping robot, which are the most perfect combination. They are made for each other and are born to match. 1. Dyson V10 Absolute hand-held vacuum cleaner since its birth, this vacuum cleaner has gained a rare record of nearly zero bad reviews, which has a rare record for PM 0. 3 This kind of powerful cyclone with the filtering effect of 97% of the most difficult particles will not cause secondary pollution of inhalable particles even in the discharged airflow. In addition to the performance, its appearance and weight are just right. Even things like sofas, bedding and mattresses used by girls can be picked up by lifting their hands. With a relatively small and flexible shape combined with strong suction, it can easily capture various fine pollution sources such as food residues in sanitary dead spots. 2. Stone sweeping robot stone sweeping robot and Dyson vacuum cleaner have the same high color value and flexible shape, supplemented by the blessing of cutting-edge technology, because they can liberate the special attributes of both hands, to some extent, it can be said to be better than the former. After all, the stone sweeping robot does not have the usual style of painting. It has an exquisite appearance, maverick tone and style design that are against the traditional clumsy vacuum cleaner. With its relatively petite figure, it can also go deep into the sanitary dead spots and clean up the hairs, fragments and residues on the ground, even fine dust and food residue marks can be cleaned up. The stone sweeping robot adopts a two-in-one design of 'sweeping the floor and mopping the floor'. After cleaning up the ground garbage, it will drag it again and deliver double equivalent cleaning effect. It is equipped with a high-precision LDS laser ranging sensor, which scans the room at the fastest speed and plans a reasonable cleaning route. It can also indicate where to scan where and give full marks for humanization. 3. Dyson V7 Fluffy handheld vacuum cleaner the cordless design of Dyson V7 Fluffy handheld vacuum cleaner can greatly liberate space constraints and further improve the quality of life. And then combined with the stone sweeping robot, it can expand the use range of the vacuum cleaner, which has a strong suction of up to 30 minutes, moreover, it is more convenient to use Dyson V7 Fluffy to clean curtains, ceilings, car interiors and other locations than traditional vacuum cleaners. Of course, in the face of sanitary dead spots, it is still necessary to arrange stone sweeping robots to deal with them. Whether it is the foot of the sofa or the narrow space under the table, Stone sweeping robots can easily enter and carry out related affairs. 4. The virtual wall of the stone robot the virtual wall is the wall set for the sweeping robot, which can be combined with the APP to set the sweeping area and make the sweeping robot only move in the virtual wall area without crossing the border. The Virtual Wall is still very useful for families with sweeping robots, especially stone sweeping robots. With the perfect and matching combination of Dyson series hand-held vacuum cleaner and stone sweeping robot, when facing various environments and conditions to be cleaned in the future, there is no need to worry about cleaning angle or area problems. Dyson's hand-held vacuum cleaner is responsible for the space off the ground, and the stone sweeping robot covers the whole ground, which is three-dimensional to help clean the room.
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