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Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. will carry out everlasting innovation and exploration centered on customer’s demand. Welcome to visit our factory! The Leading Manufacturing Consumer Electronic Brand for Years Compared with products in the same category, Kaihao's robotic vacuum cleaner has the following outstanding features. While providing quality products, Kaihao is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

Which is good for coffee making filter paper and stainless steel filter? Coffee filter, as the name implies, is a device to filter coffee. whether it is made of paper or metal, it can be used separately and attached to your coffee pot (machine, they are all called coffee filters '.First of all, filter paper, a way to filter coffee, is probably the simplest, quickest and cheapest way to brew coffee in the world. The use of this filter coffee is very simple, just put it on the Cup.The first is convenient and fast. for those who live in a busy city and drink a cup of coffee every morning, soaking coffee powder is more authentic than rushing a cup of three in one. Second, it is up to you to control the quality and quantity of coffee powder. third, it is very good to clean up. Once the filter paper is lost, the Cup is finished. Fourth, the price is cheap. many young people use this method to make a cup for themselves.In addition to paper, people have also tried to filter coffee with other materials-metal, cloth

Application scope of industrial environmental protection equipment Definition of environmental protection equipment: environmental protection equipment refers to mechanical products, structures and systems manufactured and built by production units or building installation units for controlling environmental pollution and improving environmental quality.Including wastewater treatment equipment, waste management and recycling equipment, air pollution control equipment, noise elimination equipment, monitoring instruments and equipment, scientific research and laboratory equipment, natural protection and improvement of urban environmental quality equipment, etc.Classification of environmental protection equipment: environmental protection equipment is divided into filter and dust removal equipment, sewage treatment equipment, air purification equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, noise prevention and control equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, disinfection and anti-corrosion equipment, energy sa

How to deal with hospital sewage? The hospital sewage not only contains organic pollution, but also causes physical and chemical indexes such as BOD5, cod CR and SS to exceed the standard,It also contains some special pollutants,Such as drugs, disinfectant, diagnostic agents, detergents,A large number of pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and various viruses,Such as Ascaris eggs, hepatitis virus, tuberculosis and dysentery.If any of its emissions,Will inevitably pollute the water source,Spread disease.So,In accordance with national laws and regulations and out of responsibility for public safety,It is imperative to establish hospital sewage treatment facilities,Very necessary.Hospital sewage treatment purpose,It is to remove physical and chemical indexes such as BOD5, cod CR and SS in sewage and germs and viruses,To achieve environmental protection,To achieve ecological balance,It is conducive to human physical and mental health.Commonly used hospital sewage treatment is mainly divided into two ways: no
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