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Does best budget robot vacuum cleaner have warranty period?
Excellent in supplying robotic vacuum cleaner of top quality, IMASS is famous for the considerate service also. In the future, Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. always gives priority to the development. We continuously develop our main business and keep pursuing quality excellence, so as to attract more customers with sincerity and dedicated services. robotic vacuum cleaner can be applied to different industries, fields and scenes. robotic vacuum cleaner produced by Kaihao is very popular in the market. robotic vacuum cleaner has shown virtues like carpet vacuum robot. It has the newest upgraded water tank controlled by the electronics. It brings considerable profitability and brand influence to IMASS. It is equipped with a self-study chip which endows it with the function of memorizing routes. Kaihao provides discounts for large purchases. Welcome to contact us!

Is the air compressor first connected to the tank or first connected to the oil and water separator 1,On the second floor,I don't know who taught you,Of course, first pick up the cans,Then to the oil and water separator.The air that has just been compressed must be buffered by the tank first,To other devices.Heh!The tank is like a reservoir,To moderate the steady flow pulse,Store gas,The function of settling a portion of water and impurities.So,The air compressor outlet is first connected to the tank,All kinds of gas purification devices are behind.If there is a buffer tank with the air compressor itself, it will be connected to the front of the tank,For example, the small piston machine usually has a can.If you don't have a buffer tank, you will install it behind the tank,And it is closer to the gas equipment, the better.After installing the air compressor,Not only can compressed air be stored,Reduce the pressure fluctuation due to the discontinuous exhaust of the compressor,To achieve a balance between gas

Can the water filtered by the soft water machine be reused with the RO machine? Not good. If you want to clean water in the whole House, the net water of the RO machine is too small to achieve. the RO machine is generally installed in drinking water terminals such as kitchens.The soft water machine you said is salt-added. The salt-added soft water machine is in charge of the road, that is, the domestic water should be separated from the drinking water. the salt-added soft water machine can only be dedicated to solar energy and is not suitable for watering flowers!The front backwashing filter is installed at the home total water inlet as the first coarse filtration; the central water purifier is installed after the front backwashing filter and is also installed at the total water inlet. The soft water machine is in charge of the road for solar energy to reduce scale; the Resistance Tester you said is not sure what the raw materials are. if it is phosphate, it is not recommended to use it. for details, Baidu
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