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Damxung county of Tibet autonomous region launched 2019 closed the window on the spot and exhibition

by:IMASS     2020-03-18
Damxung county of Tibet autonomous region launched 2019 closed the window on the spot and exhibition means that god is not deceive, do bad things must be evil. 'East travel notes' jiao tone: it is: lust love each, ~. Then, charmaine soh is handed out from the room top allied: 'behind closed doors to launch window. 'Standing at the door of the qin dynasty, less to get the part after this, walking around, think for a long time did not think of the right bottom allied, was supposed to. Charmaine soh in the house and see the qin less swim for a long time to not to come out, feel some regret, wedding night so playing tricks on her husband, isn't it too much? But on second thought, has been so, even if now open the door, he also won't come in, let he slowly want to. Qin guan, less words, is also a talented big wets, he also for prompting a xiao-mei su desire. One day, I heard xiao-mei su to go to the temple shakily, so his story made the 'nice accidental phenomenon meet'. He dressed up as roaming road flyover, charmaine soh comes, to combine what way: both hands blessed life, miss mercy good grief. Live in must select good neighbors, friends must choose good friends. Refers to a neighbor, a friend of a man's influence is very big, must be careful when you choose seriously. Qin swim saw this scene, less inspired, bottom allied followed. Therefore, qin less swim at the door loudly leads to bottom allied: 'Shi Chong plain boiled water at the end of day. 'After xiao-mei su heard in the house, is very happy, hurried to open the door and let qin less swim in. This pair of couplets to also can not explain what problem, charmaine soh is recorded in the literature, in su dongpo, qin never mentioned, and, according to the record of three su temple in the history of su shi, su zhe two brothers does have a younger sister, but in a small moment he died. According to legend, charmaine soh to find auspicious appliance husband, thought for a, choose a good way. Xiao-mei su such big wets recruit, news, immediately move the world, facta request marriage is an endless stream. On the wedding day is the day when qin approval, double happiness, qin gloat. Charmaine soh was found that qin was 'crazy people', have a sense of cheated, so decided to spite him at once. Xiao-mei su's story, was first 'dongpo q&a record' in the southern song dynasty anonymous ( Also known as 'dongpo lay fo Yin Jackson's sayings q&a') , 'dongpo's younger sister, also less swim's wife. 'After the last qing Ming dynasty writer feng menglong's' wake the constant word 'inside, also have' xiao-mei su fundamental groom all 'of the story. Miss qin shi another gift: may the body such as trees, or not. Kid sister is optionally a: along with the way people spit lotus, half an article no. Su dongpo is everyone favorite historical figures, he Su Xun with his father and his brother su zhe said three Sue, are ranked eight people of tang and song dynasty, the northern song dynasty literary world, only MuRongXiu status can be compared with su dongpo, there are many famous writers write poetry writers su dongpo for the teacher, is the famous 'Sue door four bachelor', 'Sue door 6 gentleman' and 'Sue after four bachelor', beginning and end of the side edge numeral is closely combined with su dongpo is revered as the graceful and restrained poetry in the song dynasty qin qin less games. Qin to do not go up, was ill luck back and forth with no distress, su dongpo picked up a small pebble toward pool cic, qin said inspired, for the allied: if a party where virtual know this is su dongpo lying to him, after listening to a poem, think charmaine soh is a disfigured, frighten not light, grasping the opportunity to two feet with oil off the hook. According to the history of wild twenty-four years, northern song dynasty famous litterateur Su Shiyou a younger sister, named Sue chiu. This Sue chiu poetic couplet none not jing, not Sue home brothers under the well. The opportunity of an accidental phenomenon, Sue chiu met a good-looking young, youth is the time of the qin WanYaoPa word family. Both are talented people, love at first sight. 'East travel' also known as 'the eight immortals cave' is a person who has a bright Wu Yuantai god evil spirit novel writing, two volume 56, inner essential significance for the myth of the eight immortals rumors of the eight immortals and uniting the word process. ,
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