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Cool wow robot Liu Liyuan: focuses on low-speed automatic driving scenarios, AI sanitation demand is growing rapidly

by:IMASS     2020-03-02
When it comes to self-driving, many people's first reaction is to shake their heads because it is not safe. Whether Uber's self-driving car killed pedestrians last year or Waymo suddenly shouted 'It is difficult to do self-driving' at the end of the year, all of them have proved that self-driving is 'difficult to do '. 'As a start-up company, we are different from big companies. We must first ensure that we live. Then, we must find a middle commercial landing scene. 'Co-founder of cool wow Robot &COO Liu Liyuan said. Figure | co-founder of cool wow Robot & COO Liu Liyuan the self-driving cool at low speed scene was established in 2015. When talking about why he wanted to enter the self-driving industry, Liu Liyuan said with a smile, 'The reason for choosing self-driving is that in the daily life of the public, in 'food, clothing, housing and transportation', automatic driving will change the 'housing and transportation' among them. This market is big enough and it is worth doing. However, even now, autonomous driving is only 'paper talk' in many aspects, and even large companies such as Google cannot determine the time point of real large-scale landing applications. Not to mention in 2015. 'In 2015, there was very little sound about automatic driving in China. Technology, Industry, concept popularization education is not mature. At that time, what we could do was to do a good job in the underlying technology. 'In Liu Liyuan's view, the real autopilot is at least 5-10 years. Consistent with the mainstream view, the outbreak point of the self-driving market will reach 2025-It will not appear until 2030. However, technology is ultimately to be applied in practice, especially for start-up companies, not many companies can survive such a long time without commercialization, and it is easy to lose the direction of productization in excessive research and development. At present, the development of industries such as autonomous vehicle chassis, sensor hardware and computing chips is not mature enough, especially in such a high-speed and complex scene as driving, even the annual accident rate of drivers who rely on human beings is the highest among all vehicles. In short, there are still many problems in large-scale commercial applications in the current automatic driving high-speed scenario. So, from high speed to low speed, is it 'feasible to have a road '? 'In essence, automatic driving is to solve traffic safety, congestion and other problems, and should not cause trouble to traffic when the technology is not mature, which to some extent violates our original intention, it will also make more people deny the industry. The scenario of low speed and commercial operation may solve these problems. 'Trunk robot is the first step towards commercialization. Based on the comprehensive application of visual recognition, tracking and positioning, laser ranging, obstacle avoidance navigation and other technologies, cool wow has launched a robot suitcase, which can be driven by no one, automatically follow the user's motion route for real-time follow. The speed is not fast and the scene is simple. 'In fact, this product is our attempt to downgrade technology, that is, to apply automatic driving technology to common consumer goods. On the one hand, it tests our technology, on the one hand in the company founded early give funds security. According to Liu Liyuan, in 2018 alone, luggage robots shipped 10 thousand units, which has become an important part of cool Wow's revenue. The successful commercial application of this product also proves to a certain extent that if the unattainable technology cannot be fully applied in a short period of time, it is a good solution to downgrade technology by combining mature products. 1  2  Next Page> 
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