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Continuous DE county in anhui province 2019 baotou aluminium machinery and the will

by:IMASS     2020-03-16
Continuous DE county in anhui province 2019 baotou aluminium machinery will professional committed to the laser equipment and laser cutting machine laser welding machine, fiber laser welding factory house price concessions. Look from the endowment money, on the other hand, China life, one of the capital increase of party most cash out the money amount, to 4 billion yuan, and one of the target company chinalco capital amount obtained is the largest. Announcement, chinalco was only eight investors capital increase at the same time, the amount of about 57. 700 million yuan, Side edge of creditor's rights take out money 5. 6 billion yuan 1, cash out money. 700 million yuan) 。 After the completion of the capital increase, chinalco's stake from 100% to 18. 86%. As a market debt convertible landmark projects, chinalco leverage this drop since the announcements and causes the height of the market concerned about attention. 'Three to a drop in country summons shall fill a' environment, chinalco's positive response to the call of the State Council on promoting the supply side structural reforms, focus on 'three to one drop. ' all the work. Chinalco group, says the 'deleveraging' optimize the capital structure, a sharp fall in the chinalco asset-liability ratio, as chinalco's future technology development, product development, industrial upgrading the development opportunity. Chinalco President AoHong had also said that the company until now the absolute cost of alumina industry has entered the top 40%, electrolytic aluminium absolute cost has entered the industry top 45%, its subordinate companies such as guangxi branch, baotou aluminium absolute cost competitiveness in the industry leading position. Before the capital increase, chalco shandong and zhongzhou aluminium, four companies are wholly owned subsidiary of aluminum corporation of China. After the completion of the chinalco to raise capital, chalco shandong, zhongzhou aluminum four companies such as shareholding falls, side edge, chinalco's ownership accounted for only 18. 86%. From debt turn to big norm, is actually a company's debt to equity of listed companies, improve the financial situation, but, if set to add ideas were implemented, the company's total equity will be increased from 14. 9 billion to 170. 200 million shares, the original stake will be diluted. This, chinalco on November 20th the multiple announcements, side edge with plans to join the bid for aluminium related products produced sales of shanxi huaxing 50% stake, chinalco to subsidiary international trade ( Shanghai free trade area) Capital increase of 1 billion yuan, and spent 100 million yuan to the Great Wall aluminum from everywhere to buy ore dressing workshop how many devices such as assets. Specific view, from everywhere to buy by chalco shandong co. , LTD shandong aluminum industry co. , LTD. Carbon plant the assets and liabilities; By China aluminium co. , LTD. , guangxi branch from everywhere to buy pingguo aluminum co. , LTD. Carbon plant the assets and liabilities; Buy from everywhere by baotou aluminium co. , LTD baotou aluminium ( Group) A limited liability company in baotou, carbon co. , LTD. 49% stake in; By chinalco mining co. , LTD from everywhere to buy China Great Wall aluminum industry co. , LTD. , henan zhongxin company of industry and commerce co. , LTD. Great Wall departure in the red cliff wall carbon products co. , LTD. 57. 69% and 19. A 96% stake. On February 16th resumption of first buy and sell goods, chinalco stock price drop stop, a word more than be sure to hand sell evidence that way far not to escape. Large under selling pressure, chinalco's $12. 1 billion market value of 1 day evaporation, the evaporation value even more than until now the old white wine a-share market capitalisation ( On February 16 old white wine A shares of the total market value of 11. 8 billion yuan) 。 According to the company earlier draft disclosure of buying and selling goods, the purchase of assets through issuing shares involves four companies equity, the property for about 12. 7 billion. From the perspective of the main financial indicators of chinalco, said before and after the buying and selling goods, chinalco's scope of consolidated financial yield into statements not a disaster, but baotou aluminium, chalco shandong, zhongzhou aluminum and chinalco's net assets and business achievements included in belong to the whole person rights and interests of the shareholders of listed companies and the ratio of net income will increase. Future baotou aluminium, chalco shandong, zhongzhou aluminum and chinalco business achievement of improvement and reduce the financial burden, help belongs to the shareholders of listed company's net assets and net income scale, create more value for total shareholders of listed companies. It is understood that the relevant subsidiary departure for chinalco, alumina, electrolytic aluminum and bauxite production company, target company until now higher asset-liability ratio disadvantages in its operating experience and experienced further enhance profitability. In this environment, chinalco's planned change. , according to the announcement contains huarong rui tong, China life insurance, China Pacific life insurance guarantee, such as eight investors through 'creditor directly convert to equity' and 'cash capital increase of countervail repayment for' two ways, flag four families of chinalco company total capital increase of 12. 6 billion yuan, a market-oriented debts into shares, in order to further improve the target company's financial situation. Speech since the second half of this year, the international prices maintain wide shock. Sluggish due to price a few years ago, chinalco, achievement has been the CARES of the more losses of 16. 2 billion yuan in 2014, and was detained on king 'loss' of a headscarf. Aluminum corporation of China ( 601600). On February 23rd night announcement, the company intends to see fit and using the way of issuing shares, purchase of baotou aluminium 25. 67% stake, chinalco, shandong province, 30. 80% stake, zhongzhou aluminium 36. 90% equity and chinalco, 81. A 14% stake. What is said above the asset buying and selling goods forecasts a total of about 127. 0. 4 billion yuan, about 21 to phase of calculating number of issued shares. 1. 7 billion shares. , after the completion of a target company will become a wholly owned subsidiary company. Company stock 26 resumption. ] ] > accurate network sponsorship,
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