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Cloud Mouse realizes the breakthrough of three technologies of sweeping robot into the most popular sweeping robot scheme

by:IMASS     2020-03-05
Shenzhen Yunhu Technology Development Co. , Ltd. , as a domestic well-known sweeping robot solution provider and PCBA manufacturer, leads the industry's research and development strength, quality control system, supply chain management, production and manufacturing capabilities, it has obtained the National Double soft and high-tech enterprise certification, passed the ISO quality management system, FCC, CE, 3C and other authoritative certifications, and successfully served more than 100 electronic manufacturing enterprises, we have established long-term strategic cooperation with leading enterprises in the industry such as Cobos, Huawei and Alibaba. The company has a professional R & D team of more than 100 people, an industry standard laboratory and a modern factory of 15000 square meters. It has reached strategic cooperation with major brand component suppliers around the world and has a revolutionary electronic anti-collision technology patent for sweeping robots, it has obtained a number of domestic and foreign patents for inventions and utility models, software copyrights, etc. , and has seized the commanding heights of the industry. The company is committed to becoming an excellent robot solution provider and PCBA manufacturer in China, providing customers with highly competitive solutions and services, and helping customers become industry leaders. At present, Cloud Mouse technology has achieved three major technological breakthroughs: free move technology, inertial navigation scheme and AI visual recognition scheme. I. FREE MOVE technology free move is a revolutionary patented technology independently developed by Umoue. It solves a common problem existing in current sweeping machines and is also the biggest user pain point, that is, the sweeping machine often gets stuck and can't finish the cleaning work smoothly, thus causing the sweeping robot not to be fully automatic, or it needs someone to guard to finish the cleaning work. Free move abandons the detection method that the traditional sweeping machine only relies on the front mechanical beam to sense the collision of the obstacles in front, and then adopts the electronic induction technology, so that the whole body of the sweeping machine can detect the attitude change, then, through the analysis of big data, judge the walking condition of the sweeper to prevent the sweeper from being stuck at the bottom of the furniture, the stranded wheels at the bottom of the sweeper from hanging or slipping, and the low-lying places such as the balcony can not return. At the same time, free move technology has greatly optimized the structural components of the sweeper, making the internal structure of the sweeper simpler, reducing the design threshold of the sweeper structure and reducing the assembly positions of the production line, improve the production capacity of the factory. At the same time, it reduces the defective rate of products caused by complex assembly, improves the stability of product quality, and solves the problem that the spring structure adopted by the mechanical switch is prone to reset and fracture after being used for a long time. Advantages: 1. Overturn the whole body posture detection of the industry, solve the user's pain point that the machine is easy to be stuck. 2. Intelligent mopping mode, automatically identify carpets, foot pads, etc. , to prevent dirty carpets and foot pads, and stranded trapped sweeping machine 3. One-piece structure, reducing assembly process and improving production efficiency technical support: Original Electronic Collision detection patented technology body posture detection algorithm to solve the problem of stuck trapped by various types of sweeping machines: 1. The wheel is suspended (Stranding)2, strayed into low-lying areas (Can't come back if you go out)3, the top is stuck (Stuck under the furniture)4, winding stuck (Wire winding)5, mop the floor stuck (Strayed into the blanket area) As a result, the machine or furniture is damaged and the machine cannot clean normally. Second, inertial navigation technology GPM3207 inertial navigation path planning scheme adopts CPU USR3207T special for Umouse sweeping robot and Korean gyroscope module to plan bow path, the cleaning coverage rate is at the top level among similar models in the industry. The scheme supports functions such as suction roller brush exchange, electronic control of water outlet, multi-gear water quantity adjustment, App remote control, real-time map transmission, 6 appointments, water tank dust box identification, virtual wall, etc, it is mainly used for medium and high-end sweeping machines, and is the main type of planning model. Advantages: high coverage (98. 13%)Efficient recharge (≥ 98%) APP online upgrade firmware real-time map transmission remote control, 6 appointments, automatic cleaning electrical performance safe and stable quality guaranteed, high reliability, waterproof and fireproof, seismic and flame retardant, environmental protection technical support: gyroscope path planning technology, UMOUSE core algorithm infrared sensing technology, automatic recharge technology APP intelligent technology overcurrent, overvoltage, surge protection, electromotive force isolation EMC protection, power supply reverse connection protection, anti-static protection full patch element, rubber three-proof paint, socket over-glow wire test fireproof plate, flame retardant grade FV0, RoHS environmental protection standard to solve the problem: cleaning efficiency, leakage sweeping automation intelligent upgrade, more and more intelligent products safety product quality III. AI visual recognition scheme AM3209 adopts dual cameras, panoramic artificial intelligence modeling, 360 degrees without dead angle, recognition of face, furniture, door, garbage, recharge seat, etc, and make corresponding response, plan the cleaning path with high intelligence, and implement remote security monitoring, voice human-computer interaction and other functions. If you need to know more about the sweeping robot solution, please contact the cloud mouse.
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