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Clean experts teach you choose sweeping robot on the ground, complete strategy please read it carefully!

by:IMASS     2020-03-12
Days as people professional sweeping machine improvement of water quality, more and more is also high to the requirement of home appliance, highly intelligent products not only bring convenient, save time, still can make their hands free, will focus on more professional sweeping machine, the meaning of the work of the robot became the modern family to be bestowed favor on newly. On the market sell very much, the number of sweeping robot performance quality differ in thousands ways, whether its practical effect has a good professional then sweep the floor machine, it remains to be further research, so when robot sweeps the floor of choose and buy should pay attention to what problem, small make up today to sort out the robot sweeps the floor of choose and buy good strategy, we a professional sweeping machine up and have a look! Entity sells professional sweeping machine field in home appliance, or spending online platform, many of the robots are planning to promote clean, smart strategy, high coverage, navigation and positioning, deep clean, big suction, sweep function such as universal, so many nouns and professional term, let to sweep the floor robot do not know much about professional customers confused about sweeping machine, it doesn't know how to tell. Actually to deal with all the doubts, the real understanding of the robot practice function evaluation, China association of customers in various professional for everyone before sweeping machine electricity brand website, buy many price from 800 yuan to 7000 yuan of the robot, the cleaning effect experiments. Results the role of cleaning the difference is very significant, the highest professional sweeping machine QingJieLv reached 93. 34%, the lowest is only 29. 63%. Let's sweep the floor in a professional machine when buying, should note what respect? China association of customers through the experiment, tell us all buy robot can sweep the floor basically is to see the robot cleaning sweeps the floor, and professional sweeping machine can clean thoroughly with wet mop, together with the best overall have higher coverage, not leak or repeat cleaning condition. In weak suction and wet mop professional sweeping machine, da Deere TAKDIR sweeping robot with 2000 pa weak suction wet mop skills and wit for sweeping robot can clean the leading position, is second to none. Now, the robot sweeps the floor on the market basically has two kinds of working form, a means of random knock against mould change type of the robot, the professional class rule to clean sweep the floor machine is a kind of planning of the robot. Planning class sweeping robot farewell traditional fool to clean up the form, you can plan to clean up the way, a bow glyph, covering professional sweeping machine cover rate and the edge cleaner can clean effect better than random knock against, the price is relatively higher, probably in one thousand yuan of above. Of course, many customers are still worried, keep a pet in home professional sweeping machine, hair is more, can sweep the floor machine clean? Aimed at the problem the Chinese consumers association also do the test, the test results showed that 20 prototype of pet hair QingJieLv are high, higher than 89%. But it is important to note, if the ground hair, suction must choose brushless suction, ringing a lot of hair, brush roll suction late add sorting problem. , of course, the customer is when the choose and buy, should understand clearly, sweeping the robot's outlet box with dust filter layer, avoid professional wind sweeping machine outlet is not up, the new dust blowing, multi-layer filter dust box together will waste dust filter out professional sweeping machine, can be useful to avoid air pollution. For the function of the mop, of course, you also not line, sweeping robot brand very few of the wet mop, many tank can't control of the robot, optional leaking, bubble of floor, clean effect is poor. When choosing so be sure to see if water tank professional sweeping machine water control, even water seepage, coupled with constant pressure ACTS as floating deep clean mop plate can be reached. Finally tell you, now on the market of the robot products, only need to choose right, can reach the purpose of the hands free. Small make up understand international professional sweeping machine brand in Germany to Deere TAKDIR robot, decades of focus on product research and development and production of intelligent cleaning category, create high quality practical products with high QingJieLv, weak suction, intelligence professional sweeping machine wet mop, drag the universal, intelligent response function, and with its cutting-edge skills strength, populist product prices to gain global user's high praise, the customers can refer to a professional sweeping machine.
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