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central vacuum reduces allergens

by:IMASS     2019-11-14
Question: I plan to install a home
The size of the central vacuum cleaner.
I\'m allergic so I need clean dustfree air.
Due to the power of these central units, do they use a lot of power and are they efficient?
A: The central vacuum system does have a bigger, more powerful motor than the standard portable vacuum cleaner.
It can still be plugged into a standard power outlet.
Considering the length of time you run the vacuum cleaner every month, the difference in electricity consumption is not significant.
The central vacuum cleaner is easy to install even in twostory home.
They have many advantages over standard portable vacuum cleaners.
They are more powerful for deep cleaning of furniture and carpets.
This deep cleaning can extend the service life of the carpet.
Since the central unit is located in the glove Room, in the basement or in the garage, the noise is small when you vacuum.
You only hear the sound of air flowing into the hose and accessories.
It is easy for people to hear the ringing of the phone or the crying of the baby.
The combination of deep thorough cleaning and the fact that the central unit collects dust and dirt should reduce allergens in the home.
Exhaust gas is often discharged outdoors.
Even with the best filter bags, the standard portable vacuum cleaner allows subtle dust to come back to your room through the bag.
To install the central vacuum cleaning system, install the central unit on the wall near the standard power outlet and insert it.
Run a small plastic pipe from the central unit, branch to the exit on the wall.
30 light weight-
Foot Hose, usually only three sockets are required for each layer.
To get into the second story, you can go through the first onefloor closet. A low-
The voltage wire runs with the pipe.
When you flip the outlet cover and insert the hose, it automatically turns on the central vacuum motor.
There are several types of central vacuum system design.
One is to use a large disposable filter bag.
Due to its large size, it usually only needs to be replaced once or twice a year.
Another type uses cyclone action.
The dirty air entering quickly rotates inside the central unit, and dust and dirt fall into the tank.
You empty twice a year.
The cleaning power of the central vacuum system is in units of air power Watts.
This rated power is based on the size of the suction force and air flow.
Higher air power means a more comprehensive cleaning capability.
You can write to me at the address below for the utilities update number
141 central vacuum system, model, air rated power, cleaning system design type and list address and phone number of the manufacturer of product description.
Please include $1. 50 and a self-
Address business-size envelope.
A lid platform may be required for a leak Register: I have a stove hot air exit register in my garage.
I only open the register a few times I work in the garage, but when it is closed it is not sealed well.
Heating air leaks, how can I stop it?
A: Most hot air registers are not well sealed when closed.
Check out some new ones at your family center or hardware store.
Hope you can find a better seal than your old one.
In my garage I made a miniature magnetic acrylic indoor storm window to cover the register.
Put steel bars on the wall around the register.
Close the checkout counter when you don\'t need to heat up and stick the mini storm window on it.
Some storm window companies will sell you a small amount of material you need.
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