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Can sweeping robots really protect family safety in the future?

by:IMASS     2020-02-14
I believe everyone has fantasized about what family life will look like in the future. Perhaps it is an electrical appliance that can be controlled by voice, and a gesture can be used to work on its own. For this reason, this time Tianji has planned a series of interviews on the theme of 'opening a beautiful day with wisdom. This time, Xu Hua, the founder of TAPOL robot company, was specially invited to talk about the future development and intelligence of sweeping robots. The era of smart home has come, and sweeping robots will become just needed in the future. With the concept of smart home getting hotter and hotter, many people are yearning for such a convenient lifestyle, household products are no longer just products with basic performance. Consumers often ask whether they can connect WIFI, mobile phones and other functions when purchasing products. Last year, the distribution rate of household products was less than 20%, while in this year's Double Eleven, the distribution rate of household products sold reached 70%. Therefore, from the perspective of consumers, the era of smart home has come. Xu Hua, founder of Tabol robot company, said that intelligent sweeping robots will change from an optional role to a family need in the future smart home. The key groups that the sweeping robot focuses on are mainly those who are busy with their work and have a certain income base. In the ecological circle of smart home in the future, sweeping robots will become functional independent 'creatures '. How to improve the user demand of the sweeping robot, in fact, it still needs to be seen from the perspective of whether the basic function of the sweeping robot can hit the user's pain point. Many consumers value the sweeping effect of sweeping robots. Because they are busy with work or have no time to take care of housework, they hope that sweeping robots can replace manual labor. But in fact, in many cases, after the sweeping robot cleans the ground, it still needs manual labor to clean the dirt that the sweeping robot cannot clean. In order to solve this problem, the first generation of robots produced by TAPOL in 14 years paid attention to the cleaning coverage rate of the ground. This year, the coverage rate of the new products introduced by TAPOL can reach 95%. In the future, the sweeping robot will further develop in cleanliness, and will eventually completely replace manual labor and become a necessary requirement for rigidity. Considering both intelligence and hard power, what is the secret of the TAPOL sweeping robot as a smart home, the TAPOL sweeping robot has done a lot of research in intelligence. First of all, the planning path of intelligent sweeping robot is an important parameter to determine the cleanliness of the ground. Its intelligence is reflected in the fact that the product will automatically detect the ground and clean it through the obtained results. Secondly, it lies in the cleaning ability of the robot. After the route planning selects the route, whether the sweeping robot can clean the road is also a problem considered by the manufacturers. Compared with intelligence, the rapid development of the domestic small household appliance market has also driven the development of cleaning technology. At present, intelligent robots have a high level of cleaning. On top of these two points, starting from the second half of this year, human-computer interaction has become another demand for smart devices. In response to this, the TAPOL sweeping robot has specially developed a mobile phone APP. When the sweeping robot works hard at home, the user can check the cleaning degree through the mobile phone. On the whole, the intelligent experience of the sweeping robot is presented in three aspects: cleaning path, cleaning ability and human-computer interaction. Looking at the development process in the field of intelligent sweeping robots, the shortage of intelligence is a major obstacle to the popularization of intelligent sweeping robots. Many sweeping robots will travel irregularly in the working state, colliding the home, and at the same time they cannot fully detect the dirty condition of the ground. Once, the sweeping robot only used random experiments, turned after hitting the furniture, and adopted an irregular route. However, the Tata intelligent sweeping robot developed by TAPOL in 15 years has the ability of active exploration. According to the laser equipment arranged in front, it scans its position. When it is too close to the barrier, will automatically turn. Even if there is a collision, the protective measures for sweeping robots are generally in place.
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