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Campus black technology! How do students of Jiaotong University play with Roomba sweeping robots?

by:IMASS     2020-02-22
On the evening of May 30, the third freshmen Cup science and technology innovation (Sweeping robot)The final of the competition ended perfectly in its Minhang campus. The Roomba sweeping robot, which is popular in the United States, has become a competitive master in the hands of the highly creative Jiaotong university students. It can be said to be a real campus black technology. The participating teams uniformly use the Roomba sweeping robot with open programming interface provided by the world's leading home robot company iRobot. Based on the existing functions of Roomba, through complete embedded development processes such as hardware design and software writing, the independent control of Roomba is realized. There are 4 specified scoring areas in the competition venue, and the area near the starting point of the opponent is the scoring area of the opponent (That is, one's own defense area), Set an additional public scoring area in the middle. Obstacles will also be appropriately set in the venue to increase the difficulty of the game. During the competition, it is not only necessary to pick up effective score markers by controlling the robot to move to one's own side or public scoring area, but also to prevent the opponent from picking up their own score markers and avoid picking up their own score markers. Within the specified time, the contestant must control the robot to absorb the scoring markers and return to the starting point before the end. According to the total score of the scoring markers collected by the robot, the team with high score wins. If there is a draw in the game, enter the overtime. After several rounds of fierce pre-selection round-robin, the players of 16 groups stood out from 48 teams and entered the on-site finals. The finalists used a four-way battle to fight, and used a variety of cool devices such as gravity sensors, VR glasses, 3D printing handles to control the Roomba, allowing the audience to shout for fun. In the end, after a wonderful competition, the Galaxy guard from the electronic engineering specialty won the third new year's Cup science and technology innovation competition. The students said, 'through the open programming interface provided by Roomba, we can edit and develop software more personalized, thus actually operating high-tech products. We are very happy to have such experience in software development and hope to have more opportunities to practice our innovative ideas in the future. 'I am encouraged by the positive participation and full innovative spirit of the students of Jiaotong University in this science and technology innovation activity ', ms. Zhang Li, vice president of sales and marketing of iRobot and general manager of China, sighed with emotion when she presented the prizes to the champion team. She said to the students: 'Today's competition is not the key. The key is that the students have actually practiced their ideas through this opportunity and gained some valuable knowledge and experience. The original intention of iRobot is to encourage students to practice their innovative ideas bravely. Looking back on the development of iRobot, Ms. Zhang Li also said: 'iRobot's success today stems from its continuous pursuit of innovation. However, the road was not smooth sailing. IRobot's sweeping robot Roomba has now become a hot-selling product sought after by trendy families. But as early as 2002, when the first sweeping robot Roomba came out in the United States, no one believed it was true. It can be said that it took iRobot more than ten years of hard work in exchange for consumers' recognition of this category of sweeping robots. In addition to Roomba, iRobot has created more than 100 kinds of practical robots in the past 27 years. Not every robot has achieved the same success as Roomba, but every experience has laid the foundation for us today. Therefore, the road of robot innovation is not a smooth road, but a tortuous road of exploration. We need to constantly find the balance between technology and market and define our own product positioning. We sincerely hope that the students can continue to keep this innovative passion today to continuously break through the limits of human imagination. 'IRobot was founded by robotics experts from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1990 and has now developed into a leading home robot company in the world. As a technology innovation-oriented robotics company, iRobot has more than 1000 patents worldwide. In 2017, iRobot invested more than US $0. 1 billion in research and development, accounting for about 12% of its revenue. Innovation cannot be separated from talents, so iRobot has always been very committed to personnel training. The famous robot week in the United States was initiated by iRobot in conjunction with the U. S. Congress to stimulate teenagers' interest in learning robot knowledge. In 2016, iRobot officially entered the Chinese market. While opening up the market, iRobot actively maintained close ties with Chinese universities and contributed resources to the training of talents in the field of robots in China.
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