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buying guide: the best vacuum cleaner for your home

by:IMASS     2019-11-19
Vacuuming your home can be a daunting task and frustration is usually due to the inability of a dull machine to complete the task quickly and efficiently.
But with so many models and several new technologies, how do you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home?
Fortunately, our purchasing guide will help you determine the features and styles that suit you, and our review includes market models at each price point.
How often do you vacuum?
There is no need to feel embarrassed.
Some of us just don\'t have time to finish the task every day.
However, frequency should be considered when selecting units.
If you do vacuum every day, says Michelle Lupton, communications director at rowusa USA
The weight bar model is very good for maintaining your home.
Although, if you tend to wait a week or more to vacuum, a larger upright or tank model with a stronger large motor will help you get the job done.
Lupton also pointed out that even if you are a constantly cleaning person, if you have a big house with walls,to-
Carpet, a small stick vac may be too small.
How much electricity do you need?
In addition to cyclone action, suction is the most important factor in choosing the most effective model, and Cyclone action is the reason to suck dust and particles into the machine, Lupton said.
Rob Green, Dyson\'s design engineer, also explained that the airflow and stirring, or the ability of the vacuum cleaner to penetrate and remove dirt from the carpet fibers, and the level of filtration, what measures can be used to measure how many pieces are discharged, which is related to suction.
Although many manufacturers boast about the number of amps their products use, Green says air Watt is a more accurate measurement of the machine\'s clean power.
Bottom line: Green says a vacuum of over 200 Watts is a good sign that it will be a powerful cleaner.
Which style is best?
The bag-free model is great because you don\'t have to worry about piling up on the bag and in most cases you don\'t even need to touch the jar to free up the mess ---
Just press the button and put it on the trash can.
But on the other hand, with a bag, all the dirt is controlled, and when you throw away the particles, there are fewer particles you come into contact.
Although, sometimes not very powerful, the upright model has better operability than the tank cleaner.
Bottom line: newer bag-free models are better than vacuum cleaners with bags, as these bags lose suction and airflow when they are full.
Is there any notable feature?
Lupton also suggested that the shape of the vacuum head is important for inspection as you need a head with a passage to remove dirt and dust.
In addition, the spinning brush is great, especially the carpet, because it will comb the fiber and extract more pieces.
Although lines and hair can be wound around the brush, it must be cleaned up with scissors.
When shopping, flip the appliances and look at these features.
The cordless model is beneficial if you are cleaning a large space, but make sure the model is running long enough.
Bottom line: Dyson has a new model that has a winding-free turbine tool that can pass through the caught hair (
Perfect for pet owners)
Lupton suggests that it will take at least 40 minutes of power if you are going to use cordless vac, as some models can only provide 10 to 20 minutes of power.
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