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Zhuhai Kaihao Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in producing robotic vacuum cleaner of great fineness. Enterprise spirit: Do diligent things, be honest people Business philosophy: Innovative, pragmatic and customer-oriented Core value: Not only for profit, but for development robotic vacuum cleaner developed and produced by our company can be widely used in various industries and professional fields. The robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the main products of Kaihao. robotic vacuum cleaner is produced using carpet vacuum robot method, it has such features as carpet vacuum robot. It is equipped with a self-study chip which endows it with the function of memorizing routes. Kaihao has cooperated with many overseas robotic vacuum cleaner products brands over the years. With updated electric map installed and advanced navigation, it can ensure every corner can be cleaned thoroughly. Kaihao always insists on the production of high-quality products. Customers in need are welcome to negotiate with us!

What are the properties of nano-materials? 4 macro quantum nano-material refers to the size of less than 100nm (0.1-Ultra-fine particles of 100nm) constitute a general term for zero-dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional materials with small-size effects.Nano is the translation of English namometer,Is a unit of measure in physics,1 nano is one billion of 1 m;Equivalent to the length of 45 atoms arranged.Generally speaking,Equivalent to the thickness of one in ten hair.Like mm, Micron,Nano is a scale concept,There is no physical connotation.When the material reaches the nano scale,It's about 1-This range of 100 nm,The performance of the substance will change,Special performance appears.This one is different from the original atoms and molecules,Material that is also different from the special properties of macro substances,That is, nano-materials.If only the scale reaches Nano,And materials without special properties,Nor can it be called nano-materials.Past,People only pay att

What problems should be paid attention to in the operation and maintenance management of clean rooms Clean Room to achieve good clean effect,We should not only focus on taking reasonable air-conditioning purification measures,Moreover, it is also required that the technology, construction and other specialties take corresponding measures: not only should there be reasonable design,Moreover, it is necessary to carefully follow the standard construction and installation,As well as the correct use of clean room and scientific maintenance management.In order to achieve good results in the clean room,Many domestic and foreign literature has been elaborated from different angles.Actually,It is difficult to achieve ideal cooperation between different majors,Moreover, it is difficult for designers to grasp the quality of construction and installation and the use and management,Especially the latter.In terms of clean room purification measures,Many designers,Or the Construction Party,They often do
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