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AI sweeping robot may be a 'flash in the pan', white goods are difficult to get rid of the shackles

by:IMASS     2020-02-18
Artificial intelligence related technologies include big data, machine learning and other aspects, and the continuous breakthrough of algorithms makes the integration of technology and other industries increasingly perfect. Nowadays, home appliances embedded with intelligent technology have not only become the trend of marketization. For the current intelligent transformation and upgrading of home appliances, artificial intelligence solutions for home appliances are built based on users' life scenes and business scenes, major business leaders are increasingly recognizing the importance of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things. The improvement of product function is limited relying on intelligent technology White electricity market breaking the cocoon new white appliances have long been regarded as a mature market under price competition. Emerging home appliances use low cost to seize the market, and traditional manufacturers can only follow up by force, however, the functions of various household appliances have been fixed for a long time when the market is mature. The Evolution of household appliances brought about by scientific and technological progress is only an improvement in efficiency. However, the new Internet of Things (IoT) The birth of artificial intelligence and other technologies has given the white electricity market more opportunities to break through in limited changes. According to the CNBC Global CFO investigation committee, more than 26% of CFOs believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning are critical to their companies, and nearly 44% say they are very worthy of attention. For the white electricity market, if you want to break this restriction, the first thing is to create new uses for household appliances. However, artificial intelligence is not a common solution for many intelligent household appliances and cannot be applied in any industry or field. We must create differentiated artificial intelligence solutions for different scenarios and different home appliance functions. At present, the Internet of Things has become a new engine of the future economy. Under the huge market development prospect, the Internet of Things Industry Alliance in various regions of China has risen rapidly and realized rapid growth and value. Taking Jiangsu as an example, 2015 of the Internet of Things industry in Jiangsu province has realized a business income of 3607 yuan and maintained a high growth rate of more than 30% per year. At the beginning of the birth of the Internet of Things technology, the new use of white goods that people could imagine at that time was the networking home appliances in smart homes, such as putting a display on the refrigerator or sharp to let the refrigerator bring AI, to provide users with relevant consultation and even healthy recipes, but there is still a lack of killer applications suitable for matching, resulting in poor market response for such products. To get rid of the shackles of the market, it is necessary to break the cross-border barriers of artificial intelligence. Although there are vacuum cleaners equipped with AI incarnation sweeping robots, and then open up a precedent for new markets, in fact, the white goods market wants to get rid of the shackles, it cannot use the installation of Internet of Things or AI applications on existing household appliances to realize value innovation. In contrast, the automatic folding machine launched by Japanese start-up company 7 Dreamers Laboratories and Panasonic has created a new market by breaking the existing white goods market. And the builders and the housing industry ( Daiwa House Industry) Further, let the automatic folding machine connect the home database through the internet of things, further carry out personal clothing identification and classification, and is expected to provide clothing procurement related services, such as automatically providing sizes for online clothing ordering, reduce the problem of inappropriate return. In short, the existing market needs new concepts and realizes concepts with the help of new Internet of Things and AI technology, but creating new concepts is another challenge for many home appliance manufacturers. Nowadays, artificial intelligence has penetrated into all aspects of people's daily life. Intelligent household appliances pass through software functions such as data collection and voice recognition, and then the results obtained by algorithm analysis are transmitted to the hardware to feed back people's actual needs. Different from traditional micro-computer home appliances, intelligent home appliances are machines that can learn to think and change passive response into active thinking. However, due to the mechanization and lineation of existing product thinking, the level of intelligent thinking is very simple. However, with the deepening of robot learning ability in the next 10 years, the thinking results of artificial intelligence will be more accurate and humanized, but the first choice for such applications will still be in the commercial market. In this short period of time, home appliance companies may encounter embarrassment if they want to leverage the mass consumer market with artificial intelligence. At the end of March this year, Softbank robot holding company under Japan's SoftBank Group, which developed and sold Pepper, was insolvent. It is reported that due to the humanoid robot profit margin is not high, it is difficult to offset the research and development costs, the company has a continued loss. Although the results have not been announced, according to the Tokyo business survey ( Tokyo Shoko Research) Statistics show that the company's operating income in fiscal year 2015 was 117 yen and its net loss was Yen (About 0. 7 billion yuan). Pepper was once 'the pride of heaven '. 1000 sets per month were robbed in less than one minute. Ma Yun, Sun Zhengyi and Guo Taiming, the three richest men, all stood on their platforms. But then because of the single function, the selling point is insufficient. Soon from intelligent commercial products to big toys like chicken ribs. At present, most artificial intelligence can only help people solve some technical problems, but replacing human thinking and even becoming another human brain has a long way to go. The development of artificial intelligence consumer electronics may take function realization as the main force, while user interaction will exist in the form of lace function, and for the purpose of bringing fun to experience, it is continuously improved in function. It can be seen that it will take a long time to accumulate and precipitate to solve the pain points of users by artificial intelligence.
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