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AI helps the intelligent future of environmental industry

by:IMASS     2020-02-21
In the future, there will be 'intelligent classification garbage cans' in the community '. Plastic Bags 'packed' good garbage can be automatically identified and classified and discarded here. In the future, 'sanitation workers' in public areas will be very different: unmanned New Energy dust suppression vehicles, road sweepers, and cleaning floors. Intelligent Garden operation robot cuts and repairs flowers and trees. The intelligent sanitation cleaning robot 'walks' back and forth on the road and picks up garbage while 'walking. In the future, garbage will be towed away by unmanned garbage sorting and collection vehicles, kitchen garbage trucks, etc. and sent to unmanned large-scale garbage sorting and transfer stations and unattended kitchen garbage treatment plants . . . . . . After garbage recycling, environmental recycling operation is realized. Is this science fiction? No, the 'future' of the environmental industry is on the way. A few days ago, in Changsha Gaoxin Lugu Park, Zhonglian environment tried to pull 'science fiction' into the real world at a press conference on 'making the world cleaner and the future better. Perhaps in the near future, a 'smart environment cloud brain' platform will monitor and manage the above-mentioned 'sanitation workers' in real time and establish a collection of artificial intelligence environment equipment, A new 'Kingdom' that serves mankind in an orderly manner '. The traditional sanitation industry with the 'man-machine combination' operation mode as its core is dominated by people and supplemented by equipment. With the improvement of marketization and service requirements, it is more difficult to deal with 'three transformations and four points' such as garbage reduction, recycling, harmlessness and classified delivery, classified collection and transportation, classified utilization and classified disposal, traditional sanitation has gradually exposed problems such as poor service quality, low operation efficiency and difficult personnel and material supervision. Chen Peiliang, CEO of Zhonglian environment, said: 'The unreasonable allocation of resources in the sanitation market has brought about problems such as insufficient investment and innovation, rising costs, and fragmentation of supervision. To upgrade the environmental industry, intelligence, especially AI, is urgently needed. 'In reality, the future has begun to appear. The aging of sanitation workers is a new problem in the sanitation industry. The 'hand' of AI has already involved two major areas: developing intelligent robots to replace sanitation workers and realizing the unmanned driving of special vehicles for sanitation operations. Now there are 'representative works '. A new kind of special sanitation worker has been added to the beautiful riverside embankment on Orange Island-- The world's first unmanned hydraulic drive intelligent small road sweeper independently developed by Zoomlion environment. This 'unmanned small sweep' can realize unmanned driving under all working conditions, automatically sense surrounding pedestrians, vehicles, animals and other objects, can randomly avoid or suspend, according to the type and load of ground garbage, adjust the operation parameters such as vehicle speed and scanning speed to realize accurate energy-saving cleaning. This is also the first unmanned road sweeper in China to 'take up' in actual road conditions. The world's first 'learning' sanitation robot newly developed by Zoomlion environment is small and 'long' with two orange arms that can completely replace labor. The 'little guy' can learn deeply at work and continuously improve his cleaning and inspection ability. In addition, he can also install mechanical claws through the 'machine arm' to clean up garbage; Install straw head to realize garbage localized suction; Install the washing or wiping device to become a washing expert; Add decoration scissors, seconds become 'Garden gardener '. . . . . . Now, there are not only such 'AI sanitation workers' but also 'executives' in the environmental industry Kingdom '. The 'smart sanitation cloud platform' built by Zhonglian environment has realized the digitalization, informatization and intelligent integration of sanitation equipment, as well as grid management of operators, intelligent management of Operation vehicles, fine management of operation process and quantitative management of Operation materials. 'In the fields of integration of urban and rural sanitation, comprehensive treatment of biomass waste, leachate treatment, comprehensive treatment of township sewage, and domestic waste treatment, it is not only necessary to consider the intelligent upgrading of equipment, it is necessary to have comprehensive solutions to maximize the use of equipment and technology in order to do a good job in the intelligent transformation of this industry. 'Zhang Jianguo, CEO of Zhonglian environment, said. 'In the future, we will strive to realize the subversive leap from the intelligent cloud platform to the intelligent cloud brain, and build a intelligent cloud brain platform with high-level intelligent decision-making ability similar to human brain, seamless docking of smart city systems. 'Chen Peiliang said. Source: Science and Technology Daily
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