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A sweeping robot 'arson' incident occurred in Tokyo, because the obstacle was not avoided

by:IMASS     2020-03-05
Since December 2018, two fires caused by sweeping robots have occurred in Tokyo, Japan. According to reports, both fires occurred when the user opened the sweeping robot and did not turn off the heater. According to the Tokyo Fire Department, the cause of the fire is the situation demonstrated in the simulation experiment of the Japanese media nhk news web. The sweeping robot did not recognize the floor heater to avoid obstacles, but brought the heater to the sofa. After the impact, it continued to sweep the floor. At the same time, the heater began to heat the fabric on the sofa, which obviously constituted a fire hazard. A woman in her 40 s said in an interview that she had just bought a sweeping robot, but because the weather is dry and has not yet been used, she will be doubly careful when using it in the future. Another woman in her 30 s said she would carefully consider buying a sweeping robot.
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