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7 best robot vacuum cleaners that will clean your home while you\'re at work

by:IMASS     2019-11-23
Whether you like to have the latest technology, hate cleaning, or don\'t move like before, robotic vacuum cleaners are an interesting way to do a fairly boring chore.
They do look impressive-but for the most expensive one we \'ve tested, the price is 800 pounds, and it\'s worth knowing how much your money is before you invest.
We also note that there is no effective alternative to a soft broom, dust proof pan and brush, wet mop or vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning.
However, these robots will keep the dust between the big cleaning and provide
Important psychological assurance that the House will be taken care of even if it may be cleaner.
Different robots have different cleaning methods;
Some people take a methodical approach while others may look like they are walking around your home at will, but they are actually using in-
Built-in camera or other smart sensor technology-although viewing can be a bit frustrating.
Some have remote controls so you can guide them from the comfort of the couch to the exact location you want them to clean, and often the more expensive they are, the more clean mode they have.
Most also have apps so you can control them outside.
The most expensive robot has up to six modes, including automatic mode, in which you can program to move it in space until the battery runs out;
Turbo, which is the most powerful mode to pick up the most dirt and dust;
And on-site cleaning, where you can focus it on specific areas.
Each robot vacuum cleaner will also be equipped with a range of accessories.
Virtual walls are a small device that you can put in your home to block areas that you don\'t want to clean, while they also come with different types of cleaning brushes.
The sweeper brush sticks out from the side and sweeps in the dust and dirt to be sucked away, while the brush stick lives below, trying to suck away dirt from the surface of the floor.
So, before you buy, think about what your priorities are-you want good suction, there are a lot of tight parts in the home that need to be cleaned, or obstacles that need to be avoided?
Then you can pick the best for you, watch it clean your home, or let it play its magic as you work.
We tried and tested a range of robotic holidays in two different environments: a kitchen with dining tables, chairs and islands, a living room with armchairs and carpets.
We pose the same challenge for each robot: small, dust
Like a pile of white flour in the corner of the room and in the middle, there is more confusion (
A bunch of popcorn)
While testing different cleaning modes and accessories, understand the vacuum level of each device.
Here are the projects we think are worth investing in.
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We may get commissions from some retailers, but we never allow this to affect from the real-
World testing and expert advice.
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IRobot\'s Roomba is probably the most well-known name on the robot vacuum cleaner market, the best model in the series and the most popular model we can get to the test.
It methodically navigated multiple rooms to increase or decrease suction depending on the clean surface-we found it as easy to pick up large fluff as it collects embedded dust.
If the machine runs out of battery
Clean, it will go back to the docking station and finish the loop.
Clean up is also easy, which means there is no endof-
Cycle to deal with disasters and it runs quieter than other models.
It can also work with Google Home, so you can now tell your Google Assistant when to start, stop, or dock the bot.
If you want to avoid a room or area, two virtual walls form a valid barrier.
Download the app, set the cleaning schedule on your phone and keep an eye on the progress of Roomba when you are away.
However, the price tag does have a lot of demand, more than 500 more expensive than the entrance
This is the most expensive room we have ever tested.
Buy it now, you know Dyson will impress you, this little robot vac didn\'t disappoint you.
Although the price tag is the largest, it is the smallest and the most compact (
About the size of a good street tin)
, Takes up the smallest space of a cabinet or charging dock.
It\'s simple to use-you let it charge and press (only)
Button to keep it running.
It works around your home in an orderly way, and if it\'s stuck on a carpet or shoe, it closes, navigate back to the safe zone and start over.
It keeps Dyson\'s high suction, though still not as good as the standard vacuum cleaner, and will definitely suck the most dirt out of all the tested robots.
There is also an app so you can schedule when you want your bot to start cleaning and the instructions are clear (
Different from the others we read).
This is our favorite machine in aesthetics.
It\'s not trying to look too advanced like science fiction.
Sitting in the corner of the kitchen, Fi Dyson looks neat in its round, simple shape.
With two rotating, circular, swept brushes sticking out in the direction of the trip, designed to sweep dirt inward into the vacuum and reach the corner, it looks like it means business.
It is also one of the quieter machines entering at age 65. 67 decibels (
When working on Netflix, it is enough to endure it)
It collected a lot of dust from the living room and spent an hour cleaning it.
Its small front brush means it stretches out into the corner, including the corner where we sneak in to find the flour.
However, when it came to the edge of the room, it just brushed it in a dirty place and left a little popcorn grain.
It also meets its opponent on the carpet, sweeping the brush secretly moving underneath to prevent Hoover from climbing up the top.
It managed to avoid some steps, but it also avoided others.
Although it seems to be a random approach, it does a better job than many other models when it comes to the center of the room and tricky corners.
For the electronic brand Anker, Eufy has created a robot vac with a reasonable price, which of course is an issue worth considering.
Its simple and elegant design means that it will not appear inappropriate in a modern home and is easy to install and use.
Connect the sweeper brush to the bottom of the machine and charge it using the docking station.
Then turn on and use the remote control (
Battery not included)
To set the cleaning mode you want, clean from auto, timing, fixed point, Edge (
Skirting board)
Maximum cleaning (
Similar turbo)
Clean Room.
There are no accessories like virtual walls, but there are two replacement sweepers.
The robot travels along the floor (
Looks like a rebound.
Until it detects a wall or furniture, it changes direction after that.
The suction is good, while the side sweeper does an impressive job of collecting extra dirt.
But the most impressive thing is that it barely makes a sound-you can easily watch TV or chat when it starts working.
If you want to test the robot world without spending too much, this is a great option.
Buy it now. we think this is a win in appearance.
The stylish and compact white design is perfect for modern families and should not take up too much space.
It is equipped with a sweeping brush that extends out the side and can sweep in the corner to suck in the dirt, which is quite effective.
And it\'s quiet, so it won\'t bother you if you\'re watching TV.
It is also equipped with a virtual wall so that you can block areas and remote controls that you do not want to clean up.
The only trouble we had was having to charge ourselves and put the battery pack in and we found it a bit tedious.
However, in terms of price, it does a good job of vacuuming and is worth considering.
This is the most advanced machine offered by robot vacuum experts, using the same navigation technology Google has invested in itself. driving cars.
It uses a laser to scan the room it is cleaning, notice any obstacles, and then go back to the same place it started, which is useful for storage.
This design is a bit awkward and excessive.
Large charging base
The raised hub on the top makes it stuck under some furniture, and the top handle will benefit it in order to move the position more easily.
It features a flat bumper design with a wider sweeping area than other bumpers, but in our tests it still managed to twist the chair legs.
Thanks to the big wheels, this robot is easy to climb up the carpet with slightly raised fireplace stones and thin doormats-something else gets dizzy.
Nevertheless, it does encounter problems in tight gaps and is stuck under an armchair.
It has a good suction for dust and can increase the power of dust by turning on the turbine mode (
This also increases the speed and noise of the machine-which was entered at the age of 67 for already quite large machines --70 decibels).
Despite its cutting
Edge technology, a portion of the popcorn seeds and flour we planted are left behind-sometimes it looks weird and it\'s out of reach elsewhere.
The skirting is also slightly wider.
But as mentioned, these machines are made for the fast top
Clean it up and it didn\'t do too bad considering this.
The app is available for iOS and Android devices, meaning you can control the action of the vacuum no matter where you are, whether it\'s an office or a supermarket, so when you pick up guests from the station, you can make a quick whip.
Buy now hoover has two knowledge of the vacuum cleaner, which has moved that knowledge to the robot world.
The machine is small and quiet, but thanks to its effective sweeping brush and powerful suction, it is still able to provide good cleaning and pick up the embedded dust and larger items.
The cleaning mode is comprehensive, but you can boot the machine to a specific area using the arrow button on the included remote control.
The app is available for iOS on Android and also allows you to control the machine and set a clean up schedule.
An effective, goodpriced option.
Even though the price is expensive, iRobot\'s Roomba has won our best purchase-its methodical cleaning method has impressed us and solved all the problems from fluff to dust
However, if this is beyond your price range, Eufy is a safe option to clean up the dust and dirt while effectively addressing the tricky issues.
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