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2020 most comprehensive operation guide of smart sweeping robot


Robot cleaner

It is true that life progress is faster and faster. In the past, only brooms, dusters and mops were used to clean room.

Then came robot vacuum cleaner, which made us feel the progress of technology;

Now there is smart sweeping robot, or intelligent cleaning robot, compared to the small and delicate vacuum cleaner, cleaning the room does not have to move back and forth heavy vacuum cleaner, as long as it is set, put on the ground will automatically clean the floor, convenient and fast.

Robot cleaner

Intelligent sweeping robots are equipped with sweeping, vacuuming and wiping functions.

In the purchase of the choice please choose high intelligent, suction force, large power storage, the power of the family use control in 1500W, too big noise is also large, charging time will be extended, and even cause the family circuit short circuit, that is not worth the cost.


The intelligent floor sweeping robot is equipped with an air-stepping sensor, an obstacle sensing device and an anti-winding function. The trample air sensor of smart robotic cleaner is to prevent the fall from damaging sweeping robot;

The obstacle sensing device is designed to sense the position of the furniture, so as to avoid damaging the furniture and the sweeping robot due to its fast speed. Anti-winding cleaning device is designed to prevent sweeper sweeper from being entangled in carpet or cable during the cleaning process, and such smart cleaner can quickly turn over to solve the winding problem.

The intelligent sweeping robot is equipped with autonomous charging function. As long as you plug the charging seat into the power supply, the sweeping robot will automatically sense the position of the charging seat to complete charging when the work is finished or when the power is running out. It should be noted that the charging seat should be placed in a relatively empty place without barriers, so that the sweeping robot can find the charging seat accurately and quickly to charge it. If the sweeper is not used for a long time, please pull out the battery inside and put the sweeper in a dry place to avoid damage or even scrap due to moisture.

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