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1 minute + 1 liter of water + no sewage car wash? Launch EcoCare environmental car wash robot?

by:IMASS     2020-02-23
Under the background of the steady improvement of the national living standard, the number of cars in China has increased year by year. Data show that the number of private cars in China reached 1. 5% in 2017. 0. 7 billion vehicles, up more than 10% from 2016. To a certain extent, this trend has catalyzed the fierce competition in China's automobile aftermarket, and the automobile beauty industry has also developed immediately. Take car washing as an example, looking at the market, in addition to some chain physical car washing shops, most of them are roadside workshops, of which nearly 95% of car washing enterprises use traditional water washing, which takes 200 litres of water to wash a car, the waste of water resources is serious. Gu Baoxing, the founder of car washing, believes that the automotive aftermarket is a large market with a scale of trillions, but the whole industry is still in a highly discrete state. With the deepening of supply-side reform and industrial upgrading in first-tier cities, traditional roadside shops will be eliminated at an accelerated pace, and the problem of difficult car washing will become more prominent. For consumers, the time cost of car washing is higher than the service cost, and the overall efficiency of the industry is low. However, the door-to-door car washing mode that used to be in the tuyere has made capital and entrepreneurs more rational after the bubble and bankruptcy tide in previous years. In order to help improve the problems faced by the domestic car washing industry, Gu Baoxing introduced the waterless car washing mode that is relatively mature in foreign markets into China and established 'car washing '. According to reports, car wash is a waterless car wash service provider, providing consumers with standardized car wash services in a 'Didi' mode. Users only need to spend one minute to place an order through the car wash App, and their service personnel will arrive at the designated place with EcoCare waterless car wash robot to provide services. Gu Baoxing said that EcoCare currently only needs 1 liter of water to wash a car, and has achieved no sewage on-site car washing. The author learned that EcoCare waterless car washing robot developed by car washing machine is an IOT-based internet of things module, with basic functions such as water pump, clean water tank, dirty water recovery tank, storage box, etc, it can provide basic beauty services including Car Watch cleaning, tires, wheel hub care, waxing and polishing, glass plating and coating, etc. In the business model, there are two lines for washing cars. On the one hand, EcoCare is laid in the parking lot of cooperative real estate projects in a direct mode, and the main income comes from car beauty services. At present, the car wash test site is located in the Grade A office building of Zhuoyue Times Square. The registration rate of car owners in the office building exceeds 60, and the order rate of registered car owners is more than 90%. On the other hand, car wash will launch a franchise + software authorization business for small and medium-sized physical car wash shops, and sell EcoCare anhydrous car wash robots to franchisees without franchise fees. EcoCare at cost price 3000- 4000 yuan was sold, similar to the 'Didi' operation mode, from which the order commission was collected. Gu Baoxing said that the focus of this model is not on profits, but on market growth. In addition, the franchise model will be officially launched in August this year, and provide a one-stop franchise management system for merchants. It is worth adding that the national TOP property enterprises all have mature O2O platforms. Car washing will build a 'site + platform' system for the real estate industry, and car washing service entrance will be built into the platform of cooperative enterprises, while gaining customers, help commercial real estate to increase passenger flow and achieve a win-win situation. Gu Baoxing revealed that many domestic TOP30 real estate companies have cooperation intentions with car washing, and related business is currently under negotiation. Talking about future planning, Gu Baoxing said that the market verification of 0 to 1 will be completed in 2018 and 300-500 sets of equipment. In the long run, car washing is the entrance and will enter the automotive aftermarket through capacity and supply chain sharing in the future. As for the team, there are currently 3 people in the core team of car washing. The founder gu Baoxing, master of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, has 10 years' working experience in Huawei, among which he has been resident overseas for 8 years. He has successively worked as European financial manager, CFO of Dubai subsidiary, financial director of group supply chain and so on; Have a deep understanding of financial management, Company Structure, strategic planning, etc. It is reported that car washing has started 500 yuan Pre -? Round A financing.
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